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Cool Cocktails for the Summer

Are you ready for some refreshing summer cocktails? Stay cool and have a great time with family and friends with our refreshing recipes to try!

Pepecello Lemon Cooler
Pepecello Lemon Cooler
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It’s summer and that means heat which means BBQs, parties, and plenty of other opportunities to enjoy refreshing cocktails. In our family one of these opportunities presents itself once a month when we have family dinners. Each month we get together with my husbands’ parents, his sister and her family to relax, have a few drinks, and enjoy good food.

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Easily Create Artisan Cocktails At Home

Easily Create Artisan Cocktails At Home

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We live around wonderful local breweries, wineries, and distilleries. They are filled with great food and locally made drinks. My husband and I aren’t frequent drinkers. However, we appreciate good quality when we do. Usually, we prefer an artisan cocktail or a craft brew…. [read more]

Easy Breezy Summer Cocktails

Easy Breezy Summer Cocktails

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Summer is one my favorite seasons of the year! I aspire to be in a Jimmy Buffett frame of mind, wearing my flip flops and feeling relaxed. For our family, it’s a time for cookouts, birthday celebrations, reunions, and vacations…. [read more]

Create Your Own Craft Cocktails

 Create Your Own Craft Cocktails

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I’m a Jack and Coke kind of girl. Although it’s my signature drink, I’m always up for trying something new. After all, life is all about experiencing different flavors, cultures, and adventures. One way I indulge in this is through craft cocktails. I’m just fascinated by the unique combinations bartenders around the world come up with. Recently, I got to try my hand at making some unique cocktails thanks to Shaker & Spoon.

Shaker and Spoon Craft Cocktails kit ingredients

The brand was kind enough to send me their October 2017 Austin Without Limits Box.  Inspired by the “Live Music Capital of the World”, and one of my favorite cities, this box features drink recipes from three of Austin’s hottest bartenders. In addition to the recipes, each box comes with glossary card and enough contents to make 12 cocktails. All I had to do was add the liquor and the barware.

Craft Cocktails Goes to Austin

One of my favorite things about this box was that each recipe could be made with either Bourbon or Tequila. If you’ve ever been to Texas, you know both are popular choices. I like my dark liquor, so I made two of the drinks with Bourbon and one with Tequila. Next time, I might switch it up.

Craft Cocktails - The Beat Goes On

First up, I decided to fill my rocks glass with The Beat Goes On. Created by Jessica Sanders, award-winning bartender and owner of Austin’s drink.well., this craft cocktail ups the ante on the Old Fashioned.

The recipe required me to mix the included Spiced Mojo Syrup, orange bitters, Hella Bitters Aromatic Cocktail Bitters, anise pod, and lemon with my bourbon. My The Beat Goes On came out perfectly thanks to the easy to follow instructions. In just three simple steps, I was sipping my way through the rich, smoky, yet sweet flavor of my craft cocktail. It kind of made me nostalgic for the trip I took with my mom to Austin last April. I know she would have loved this drink as much I did.

Craft Cocktails - Huarache Nights

Next, I took to Rainey Street in Austin for a cocktail inspired by Chris Bostick, owner of Half Step. Recently named to Esquire TV’s Best Bars in America, Bostick knows a thing or two about making your taste buds sing with to the delight of his Huarache Nights.

For this craft cocktail, I gave my tequila a shake alongside the box’s Ginger Grenadine Experimental Syrup, lime juice, soda water and lime zest. The results were a Collins glass filled with both smokiness and sweetness. The ginger, lime and pomegranate flavors mixed perfectly with the tequila. I could imagine drinking Huarache Nights while sitting outside with friends listening to some great music.

Craft Cocktails - Masour

Last, but certainly not least comes the most unique cocktails I’ve ever made, the MaSour. Created by award-winning bartender Caer Ferguson, the MaSour is inspired by Texas’s first female governor. In addition to being the first woman to govern Texas, Mariam “Ma” Ferguson also worked to repeal Prohibition. She was a woman after my own heart.

I was excited and apprehensive about trying the MaSour. First off, it uses a raw egg white and secondly, it required me to fat-wash my bourbon. Fat-washing is a technique used by bartenders to add savory flavors to liquor. In this instance, I would be adding browned, salted butter. I love the flavor of brown butter. It’s rich and smoky.

After fat-washing the bourbon and following a few more steps, I was ready to fill my coupe. I topped it off with the charred flavor of a cinnamon stick and took a sip. My MaSour was an absolute delight. It was rich and creamy, yet somehow still light. I loved it, even more, knowing the bartender who created it had asked Shaker & Spoon to donate 50% of her proceeds to the Houston Humane Society. Sounds like a true Austinite to me.

My Craft Cocktail Experience

I absolutely loved everything about my Austin Without Limits box. It was so much fun creating my own craft cocktails. I can’t wait to try it again or to share them with friends. I also think these boxes would make a great gift for cocktail lovers, or anyone who likes to experiment with flavors.

Connect with Shaker & Spoon: Website |  Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube

Do you like craft cocktails? Which drink from the box do you want to try?



Healthy and Delicious Cocktails


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For awhile, I had been really slacking in terms of making healthy eating choices. Now, I’m stepping back into the game and have made the decision to start taking better care of my body and monitoring what I consume.

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4 Must Have Products You Need

2021 seems to be flying by! Before you know it the holidays will be here and the shopping frenzy will begin. New products have been making their debut just in time to get us thinking. We lined up 4 awesome companies that not only offer ‘must haves’ products, but can make great gifts this up-coming holiday season.

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Fabulous Gifts for the Foodie in Your Life

When it comes to gift giving, food is a great way to go! Everyone loves to eat! We share a variety of fabulous gift ideas for the foodies in your life!

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Gifts for the Foodie in Your Life

I’m a huge food and beverage lover. I love to cook and make new drinks. Something about being in the kitchen is comforting. With the holiday season coming it is time to start thinking about gifts. Below is my list of fabulous gifts for the foodie in your life.

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Black Lives Matter

At Beauty Brite, we support the Black Lives Matter movement. We are a diverse group of women and moms. We all come from different backgrounds.


We hear you. We see you. We stand with you.

We’d like to make one thing very clear: If you are a reader of this blog who responds to Black Lives Matter with All Lives Matter, we urge you to stop, listen, educate yourself and decide for yourself why that is scabrous. Otherwise, Beauty Brite is not the place for you.

See our extended statement within our network!

Beauty Brite Supports the Black Lives Matter Movement

The following list is a list of companies/brands that are either Black Owned, Minority Owned, and/or supporters of the Black Lives Matter movement. We hope you join us in supporting these businesses!

Black Owned Businesses


4Curls is a plant-based clean beauty brand for curly, kinky, coily hair. Owned by Marissa Atiya. Read their statement.


Anteja Cosmetics is owned by Anteja and specializes in custom making cosmetics for women. Their custom cosmetic products consist of lipstick, lipgloss and foundation. Customers have the option to pick their base, their color, their scent and their ingredients. Anteja created this company to make life easier for busy women who don’t have time to test products at a counter. Also, to cater to women that are having a hard time finding the perfect color to fit their skin tone.

Ashli Haynes is an actress, who is known most for her work in Lena Waithe’s Twenties on BET, and Leimert Park, a digital series, also creates gorgeous intentional candles. As they melt, they only melt on the insides, leaving you with a keepsake. At $77, they’re not cheap, but they’re worth every penny.


B. Smith was at the forefront of a transcultural movement. Her flair for décor, demonstrated in the ambiance of her restaurants, led to the development of her first home collection, which debuted at Bed Bath & Beyond in 2001.  The B. Smith with Style Home Collection is the first line from an African-American woman to be sold at a nationwide retailer and includes bedding, tabletop. and bath products. 

The Barlow Law Firm LLC – Founded by Attorney Maria M. Barlow, a Chicago native. The Barlow Law Firm LLC is African American owned and operated Law Firm located in Chicago, IL. Servicing clients all over Illinois. Our attorneys live in the areas of the clients that they service. From the Community and for the Community. They are aggressive litigators who help clients in various different areas of law including, Family Law, Criminal Law, Estate Planning, and Personal Injury. 

Beauty Bin is owned by Courtney Maybin, a talented biracial woman. It is a day spa located in Asheville, North Carolina.

Brittany L. King is the founder and Keynote Speaker of a consulting firm that teaches individuals and organizations how to navigate change and turn challenges into opportunities. She also teaches an online academy, Speak From Scratch, that helps individuals learn to speak better in all professional settings.


Graceful Healing Retreat/Cbd and cbdparty are Black owned small business, wholesale provider, and manufacturer, of vegan body products, CBD cocktails, CBD body products, and more.

Cobalt Honey Skincare is owned by Alycia W. They combine goodies from the hive with clinical ingredients to create products that moisture and nourish skin. 

CODDLE is a black woman-owned Postpartum Self-care company helping moms understand what truly happens after giving birth and preparing them for postpartum recovery.


DAEM Watches is a black owned business of Milo Dee and Kirk Halliburton. Their latest collaboration was with The Estate of Jean-Michel Basquiat and it showcased a beautiful moment when the talents and ingenuity of the Black community can come together and compliment one another. Basquiat’s work led the way for other Black artists, and they’re proud to highlight that in this collection.

Design with Veronica Sanders is and interior design business in the Dallas area. They are a people-centered design firm where they take industry knowledge, creative ability, and care for people to craft a personalized design experience both online and in-person. Each design fosters new memories to help you see your future in your space and live unapologetically you.

Dino Explorerz is founded by Vashti Tameka Wilson. Hand-crafted dinosaur eggs with a paleontologist tool kit. There are different kits and party packs available depending on the age and interest of your kids.

Direct Golfers is founded by Evan. A guide for all things golf related. Through their product reviews and informational content, they educate all golfers on how to get back on the course with confidence. 


Exau Olive Oil is an Internationally recognized award-winning olive oil company was founded by Skyler Mapes and her husband, Giuseppe, who is a third generation olive oil maker from Calabria, Italy. As one of the ONLY Black woman-owned olive oil companies in the world, they pride themselves on bringing customers the highest quality product from a region that has mastered the art of making high-quality EVOO. She’s earned interest from the Food Network, Chowhound, and Lauren Conrad, and more.

ExecOnline is owned by Stephen Bailey. ExecOnline is an online education and leadership development platform. You can read his BLM statement.


Fleeky Friday is owned by Shureice Kornegay. Fleeky Friday is a vegan and cruelty-free cosmetic brand that specializes in fun, colorful cosmetics. Their most popular products include an eyeliner that is also an eyelash glue, and our color changing glosses. 


Green Ocean HR is owned by Marlo Green, SPHR, SHRM-SCP. She supports organization strategy, leadership growth and development and new workplace initiatives that seek to improve the overall culture of an organizational. She created this company after seeing how companies have handled employees during Covid-19 and hopes to be able to help companies repair their damaged cultures as well as recognize the beauty of understanding why Black Lives Matter.


I+I Botanicals as a female, black-owned business. Selam Kelati is the co-founder. Raised in East Africa, Selam Kelati draws inspiration from effective natural remedies driven from herbs that her family weaved into daily life including cooking, medicine, and cosmetics. Growing up, Selam watched her mother who learned from her grandmother working with a multitude of medicinal plants, herbs and oils; many of which are adaptogens.

Inner Workout is owned by Taylor Elyse Morrison. Inner Workout translates ancient philosophy into a modern self-care practice. Learn how to incorporate restorative movement, breathwork, meditation, and journaling to engage every aspect of you.

In Stitches Games – is owned by Camille Hugh. A gaming company designed to help people laugh out loud, release their inner child, and get to know each other better in a fun and unique way.

iUrban Teen is owned by Deena Pierott. iUrban Teen is a STEM+Arts program for Teens. She is also the Founding Member of Black Women in STEM 2.0.


Jameelah Nelson, ND is a naturopathic doctor and owns a practice in Atlanta.

JMM Health Solutions is a small concierge practice specializing in pelvic health conditions, specifically chronic pelvic pain and sexual dysfunction. Dr. Juan Michelle Martin, PT, DPT is an Orthopedic and Pelvic Health Physical Therapist located at 3160 Main Street, Suite 102, Duluth Ga 30096.


KINETIK SOUL is an eco friendly brand created from a need for lightweight,nickel free jewelry. Marie (who discovered her nickel allergy in childhood) designs her jewelry by applying her hand drawn textiles onto bamboo. This combination creates wearable art that is both sustainable & fashionable

Kinky-Curly was founded in 2003 by Shelley Davis. She learned the value of herbs and plant-based ingredients while traveling to her homeland St. Vincent and the Grenadines one summer and was fueled to create products for natural kinky, curly and wave hair free from alcohol, petroleum and mineral oil.


LaMarriia is a black-owned natural skincare brand. They solely stand by their philosophy of eco-friendly and animal cruelty-free practices during production. They are also an eco-luxury brand with manufacturing locations on the east coast of the U.S. 

LaSette is founded, designed and entirely operated by Shiara Robinson. As a young Black woman, she’s determined to change a lot of the stigma associated with lingerie, and hopes to promote her collections as something you wear to make yourself feel sexy, sensual, and confident. The collection incorporates styles and sizes to fit women of all body types, so there’s truly something for everybody.

Lotus Holistic Therapy Center is owned by Tia Wheeler, an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and Licensed Clinical Social Worker – Associate. In Winter 2020, she will be offering holistic wellness solutions as a way to work within a system that often undervalues Black voices by over-diagnosing and over-medicating. She hopes to create a safe space for people to be understood and assisted as whole people.

Lydia Knox Creates works with small businesses and individuals to create search worthy content for, web pages, blogs, emails, and social media. They get to know your business vision and find the right words to bring in new customers. Whether you need an about page or an entire blog catalog they’ve got the right words for you. 


Make A Way Media is founded by Deedee Cummings in 2014 to publish her children’s books which feature diverse characters and highlight black characters to address the extreme lack of representation in children’s literature. Their books are very diverse. Not all of the characters we read about are Black, but it is nice when your children see themselves in a story, especially as the hero!

Mayvenn has a super unique business model – more than just a source of human hair and synthetic wigs and extensions they also foster an entire network of working stylists that provide professional services like braid downs, wig styling and professional wig installations.

MentalHappy is a health tech startup based in San Francisco, founded by Tamar Blue. The MentalHappy Community is a secure online platform that provides easy-to-understand self-guided content, digital toolkits, judgment-free peer-support groups, and licensed professionals who offer online workshops and answer general questions. 

MGBeauty is owned by Mindy Green, a Licensed Cosmetologist. She is a mobile beauty business offering makeup artistry, hairstyling and wardrobe consulting. They service the Washington DC and Baltimore Metro areas.

MIITRA is a black-owned, luxury accessory brand with a focus on silk scarves. Every piece is designed with the desire to provide beautiful, luxe products that serve a higher purpose. They each share a unique message of strength, self-love, faith, and acceptance. Our passion is to empower your soul through design and spark the confidence needed to conquer your day in style. Our goal is to use our products and platform to promote positivity in oneself.

MUXE New York is a gender-free streetwear label that is founded, designed and operated by New York-based Parsons alum Kadeem Alphanso Fyffe, with the intent of creating unisex garments that comment on gender, politics and culture. Kadeem is a passionate advocate for change to underrepresented communities, with a specific focus on the Black and LGBTQ+ communities.

Myisha Jackson is a Licensed Professional Counselor. Her business specializes in mental health issues for Black teen girls and women. She also creates shirts and digital products.


Natives Playing Cards is a black owned company from Adim Ofunne and Stanely Onyenwuchi both originally from Nigeria. It is a custom deck of cards, but instead of the typical court cards (King, Queen, and Jack) they have redrawn them to be people from Nigeria, the backs of the cards are designed to patterns of Nigerian fabric and so on. They believe a major cause of racism is the lack of exposure to black and African culture, for many people, it is this confusing, exotic thing.

NetWerk is a black-owned women’s fitness brand that empowers women to stay fit and connected through networking and dance fitness events. They make both fitness and networking less intimidating for women by creating a judge-free zone. See their BLM statement.

Nicholas Jones, MD, FACS is a black Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon. He is located 3280 Howell Mill Road NW Suite 200, Atlanta, GA. 30327. He can be reached at 404-777-8825.

NUELE was founded in 2020 by founders Dr. Christine Martey-Ochola and Anne Cheatham, who both have a deep knowledge in science, research, and health. They wanted to provide women with a product that allows them to switch between different hair styles, like curly to straight. When making NUELE’s groundbreaking formula, the brand turned to places like Ghana and Morocco, where they found local female farmers already harvesting the ingredients that are necessary to make NUELE. By producing NUELE ingredients, these female farmers are also boosting their local economies.


Oh It’s Natural is owned by PJ Johnson. We featured their amazing hemp products too. Read their statement.

Optimal Neuroholistic Services (ONS) is founded by Dr. Catherine Jackson (Dr. J), a licensed clinical psychologist and board certified neurotherapist. All about holistic health and wellness, ONS provides individual, family and group therapy and coaching. The mission is to help individuals achieve and maintain their optimum functioning so they may live their best lives.

Our Kitchen Classroom is an online cooking school and educational organization that focuses on including children in the sourcing, preparation, and serving of a variety of global cuisines. They aim to eliminate the racist discrimination in the world by introducing people to a variety of individuals and cultures via the foods we love and enjoy sharing.


People of Color is a non-toxic, vegan, cruelty-free nail polish brand made to complement the various shades of brown skin as the first thought, not an afterthought. Nail polish for People of Color and those who live in color.

Plurvy, fashion for the plus and curvy, is effortless fashion. We believe all women should look and feel good and love the clothes they wear. Plurvy is a body positive brand that believes everyone is beautiful. 

Providential Counseling is a Black and minority-owned company that specializes in maternal mental health for women of color. Their mission is to provide therapeutic support to women of color who are experiencing emotional challenges during pregnancy, postpartum, and parenthood.


QUENCHEDbyFE is a natural skin care and beauty business committed to changing the way you approach skincare by providing quality natural and organic ingredients. All products are formulated with natural oils, herbs, and butters. Fragrances are obtained with high quality essential oils. Our products are designed for any consumer that desires a natural toxin free product produced in small batches.


Reveille is a veteran and minority-owned company that is committed to having a positive impact both socially and environmentally. Did someone say coffee? Reveille is a coffee importer, see their mission.

Roshae Designs is owned by Thomeisha Randolph. She makes and sells a variety of items that incorporate her calligraphy in some way, in addition to offering traditional calligraphy services.


SevenSkin Beauty is a black owned skincare company that merges science, technology and beauty for the most efficient skincare treatments. They source the richest ingredients and research the latest developments  to bring innovative and effective skincare. 

Strandz on Grand is founded by Tonya Fairley, the Pasadena-based hair salon that’s a six figure salon. Her diverse employees ensure that everyone can get the cut they want and love. She was most recently quoted in the Washington Post.

Suite Tee is founded by Tee Hundley, she is a celebrity manicurist who has worked on the likes of YSL’s fashion shows. She creates beautiful, healthy nails and provides a relaxing situation. She’s been in YourTango, and more and is great with quotes. She’s based in Jersey City.


That Sister is a lifestyle website for positive black women and fans of the culture. With so much negative news around the culture, both from external and internal influences, That Sister is a safe zone to read about positive discussion, tips and achievements of black woman all around the world.

The Phenomenal Women Group is a social network and app for black women and women of color. The Phenomenal Women Group seeks to change the lives of women through online social engagement establishing this digital movement. The membership comprises of Black women who are CEOs, Founders, Entrepreneurs, Doctors, Attorneys, MDs, Nurses, Actresses, Models,  Music Industry executives, newly graduated from college to retirees.

Therapy In Color is a mental health directory for people of color. 
Ashley Bryant is the Founder and a Psychotherapist. She created Therapy In Color as a solution to being unable to find a therapist of color for herself. The online platform helps clients of color connect with therapists of color. It was established in 2018, and the platform has now grown to a community of over 1200 therapists across web and social media platforms. 

Topicals is co-founded by Olamide Olowe (she is also the CEO). It is a medicated skincare company for chronic skin conditions that is transforming the way people feel about skin by taking the focus off of “perfect” skin and celebrating the fun of flare-ups. Growing up with multiple chronic skin conditions, Olamide developed a passion for dermatology. As a student at UCLA, she co-founded SheaGIRL in partnership with Shea Moisture and discovered her love for business. Olamide is passionate about harnessing the power of culture, technology, and science to improve the relationship between beauty and mental health.

TranceFormations is owned by Marilyn Devonish, The NeuroSuccessâ„¢ Coach. She is a Life and Executive Coach, Hypnotherapist, Corporate Trainer, and Multi-Disciplinary Therapist for the past 20 years.  She is also a Certified PhotoReadingâ„¢ Accelerated Learning Instructor, Flexible Working Implementation Consultant, and has been offering Online Coaching, Training and Therapy Sessions to her International clients since 2005.

Travertine Spa Collection is a Black owned luxury brand of organic skincare products, aromatherapy, and fine fragrance. Read their statement on their Instagram


WPClover is owned by Sheffie Robinson. She created WPClover to provide high-quality WordPress development and hosting for small businesses at a monthly cost they can afford.


Yeht Company is owned by Jacquelyn Shuford and located in Baltimore, Maryland. Her store curates items that reflect the history, culture and peoples of the world.  They proudly collect a huge collection of items that showcase the beauty of Africa through home decor and women’s accessories. They believe black lives matter, women’s rights are human rights, love is love, science is real, no person is illegal and treat each person they way you want to be treated.

Minority Owned Businesses


Cynaglow is owned by Cynthia Liu. Their mission is to guide you to a safe and healthy lifestyle.  Learn more about clean beauty and holistic, natural self-care products for women, family, and children.


Houseplant Addicts is owned and run by a diverse group of people from all over the world. You can read their statement to their community. They offer apparel and accessories for houseplant and gardening lovers.


JUNO & Co is a minority owned beauty brand that is also supporting BLM. The fight for Black lives and true equality is not over. JUNO & Co. commits to continuing to post and represent our beautiful Black creators and to continue to listen, learn and help change the world for the better. For every Storm Cloud Sponge they sell, they will donate 10% of each purchase to the Black Lives Matter initiative. That way, even as a very small company, they can continue to help fight racism and injustice with our Black brothers and sisters.


Medley Inc. is a woman and minority owned agency that specializes in PR & Digital Marketing. They specifically are committed to elevating Black and brown voices by advocating through storytelling. Founded in 2009, with offices in Houston & LA, they aim to delight the world with a fresh take on digital marketing.


Rue Saint Paul
 is owned by Chinese American, Kelly Wang. They are a sustainable collective for sustainable fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. They opened their first brick-and-mortar shop in Brooklyn, NY in February 2020. They are the only shop in Brooklyn that offers new, rental, and pre-owned sustainable fashion. Together with their brand partners, they are committed to helping reduce the fashion industry’s environmental footprint, promote ethical manufacturing, and drive responsible and circular consumption.


ScentsXchange is owned by Amber Williams. They are a minority owned company. They  strives for you to incorporate self care into your everyday routine. Their all natural products provide relaxation so that everyday is your self care day. All of their products are handmade with natural ingredients. 

ServiceMaster Restoration by Zaba is a minority and woman-owned cleaning and restoration company serving Chicago, IL and the suburbs. The company strongly supports the Black Lives Matter movement, and is actively involved with organizations devoted to countering racial injustice including the Let us Breathe Collective and My Block, My Hood, My City


Teadora Beauty is founded by Valeria Cole, a woman of color, ofBlack, indigenous and Italian heritage from Brazil. Teadora Beauty has always made it a point to be an inclusive brand. The leadership team and staff represent veteran, LGBTQ and disabled communities. They understand how difficult these times are, and their core mission remains unchanged – fighting climate change is what they do and lack of action here has profound impact on low-income communities of color around the world. 

The Qi is a wellness brand rooted in holistic healing wisdoms. We offer whole flowering herbs for teas, infusions and beyond for a sensory ritual experience for the mind, body and spirit. 


You Just Got Oranged is a woman and minority-owned creative marketing company splashing color and creativity in women of color owned brands. Our job is to give women of color owned brands the space to be themselves and show customers how unique they are through brand identity development, websites, and creating social media campaigns.

Companies That Support BLM


BTS (Breaking The Stigma) Stories is a Canadian Not-For-Profit aiming to abolish stigmas that keep society at a standstill from evolving. They work to create collaborative opportunities to influence policy, help support those affected by stigmas, and bridge the gap between culture and capital. Currently, they are developing a database that highlights Black content creators, as well as resources of Black organizations, in an aim to amplify and support Black voices.

Bubbies Ice Cream The frozen novelty brand best known for its mochi ice cream has made a donation to the NAACP, as well as donated to initiatives in its local communities like The Popolo Project in Hawaii, Black Nurses Greater Phoenix and Arizona Community Foundation’s Black Philanthropy Initiative.


Fertile Ground Communications LLC is a certified women-owned business enterprise, dedicated to creating a kinder, more sustainable, and just world. They help clients discover what makes them special and how to share that with the world. They provide writing and editing, marketing & communications, website, corporate social responsibility, document management, and leadership coaching services. Fertile Ground Communications has a corporate social responsibility statement stating their commitment to Black Lives Matter, centering the voices of people of color, and working toward racial justice. The company hosts the weekly Finding Fertile Ground podcast, a place for people from underrepresented populations to share their stories of grit, resilience, and connection.


MamaSezz is a nationwide plant-based meal delivery and lifestyle company. They strongly support BLM, read their statement.

Hand-made Soaps For Positive Vibes

Gratitude Soapery, Hand-made Soaps For Positive Vibes
Gratitude Soapery, Hand-made Soaps For Positive Vibes
Beauty Brite Disclosure

Gratitude Soapery makes hand-made soaps that promote positivity. I love these soaps! They have a great message, are hand-made, and smell great! All of Gratitude’s soaps are hand-made, vegan, cruelty and palm free.

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Inspiring Vodka Company Help Save Bees & Revs Up At The Great American Race

Beauty Brite Disclosure

Made in America. Raised in the South.“- Dixie Vodka

Hankerin’ for a beverage on a Saturday night? If so ‘Merica, Dixie Vodka will have you feeling finer than frog hair split four ways. ?

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