5 Benefits Of Being A Renter

5 Benefits Of Being A Renter

We were homeowners once. We bought our home during the housing bubble when mortgage companies using “creative financing” to practically give home loans away.

That practice eventually lead to millions of us bailing on our homes because we couldn’t afford the payments. Not only that, this was also going on when many people were being laid off! Yes, the economy was still bad.

Looking back, I feel like I should have known better. However, with all the commercials, billboards and advertisements it was all so tempting. How could we resist applying? We first applied with a manufactured home builder and were denied. After that, we tried another mortgage company and they found a way to finance us.

These days, I do wish we had our own home. I wish we had a little yard or patio for our son to play in. It would be nice to have our own little outside area. I would use it to take pictures for my blogs.

There are times when I download an app to look at the homes for sale. I tend to look at condos and townhomes.

Deep down, I know we could not be homeowners but it is nice to dream. I grew up living in a home with a yard. It was so much fun! I wish that for my son!

Being an apartment dweller, there are many benefits.

Here are a few benefits of being a renter:

1. Freedom to move

Being an apartment dweller, you are not tied down to one place. You have the option to move if you need to due to job changes or other factors.

2. No surprise bills

When you live in an apartment, your landlord informs you of the utilities you are responsible for. In our current place, we only pay for electricity and gas. We don’t have to pay for sewer, garbage, water or property taxes.

When we lived in our home, we had to pay for all utilities.

Knowing what utilities we have to pay, it makes saving a little easier. We have a little more money in our pocket.

3. Built in maintenance

When we lived in our home, I worried about things breaking or needing any kind of maintenance.

When you are a homeowner, you either fix it yourself or if you happen to have friends or family who can help, that is even better. We would have to call a company to come out and fix it if needed.

Now that we live in an apartment, we can call the office to request someone to fix the issue.

When we lived in our home, we had a tree that needed to be cut down and removed due to a snowstorm the day before. Many of the tree branches broke and caused a bit of minor damage. The next morning, we called a few arborists. What a hassle!

4. Pool

Living in an apartment community, we have access to two pools! Not only do we not have to worry about maintaining them but it’s there for our community to use.

5. No yard maintenance

As renters, there is no yard maintenance to worry about.

There are times when I wish I had my own little yard to garden in. I would love to grow flowers or even vegetables!

Don’t get me wrong, I wish we could be homeowners. It would be nice to have a place to call home like I did when I was growing up. A place to set down roots.

I always imagined I would have a home to settle down in. That is how I grew up. We had our own backyard and front yard to play in.

Having our own backyard would be safe for him to play in. When we lived with my in-laws, he played outside for hours! My husband even bought little pool for him to play in. Of course, our son had so much fun!


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