4 Confessions Of A Retail Worker

4 Confessions Of A Retail Worker

I’ve worked a few years in retail and I can tell you that it does come with cool discounts and great people to work with! Retail workers can work long hours or even small shifts, either way, they are not high paying jobs.

There were times when I was a part time employee, I was getting more hours than the full time people. Honestly, I hated it and when I found out they needed the hours more than me, I gladly gave them up! After getting management approval, I was able to give them a few of my days!

I’ve worked as a seasonal worker as well. I worked at the big box store open 24/7 and sells just about everything. I have also worked at other stores. The stores are all managed pretty much the same. Working multiple areas of the store or dealing with less staff to do the work needed to be done.

Here are 4 confessions of a retail worker/cashier:

Confession 1: We have bad days too

Believe it or not, we have a personal life too. We have bad moments or bad days too. If you see that, please remember and understand it is not towards you. I may not be a retail worker right now, but if I notice someone in a bad mood, I give them a genuine smile and thank them for their help. For example, I may say, “Thank you so much, Sally. Have a great day.”

Even if a retail worker is really trying to help us, I will use their name and thank them! Which leads me to #2!

Confession 2: Use our name

Consider using our name. First, it gets our attention and catches us off-guard. Second, it tells me you took time to read my name tag.

Hearing our own name is music to our ears. Just like when you hear “mom mom mom mom mom.”

Yes, we like hearing our own name.

Confession 3: You (the customer) make our day

You and I may only interact for a few minutes but your kindness goes a long way. When I had awesome customers come through my line, it really made me smile!

I specifically remember the customers that made me laugh because they were being goofy with each other and me!

Bottom line: Be kind. Be patient. We appreciate it.

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Confession 4: We don’t pay attention to what you’re buying

When I scan your items, I am not paying attention to what you’re buying.

I remember a young couple buying condoms. They looked embarrassed but in a great mood with me. Along with their condoms, they bought a few other items. Yes, I know their thinking, “let’s buy a few other items besides the condoms.”

When I worked at the 24/7 hour store, I remember a man look annoyed when I stepped away to have his item unlocked from the security box (the supervisor has the key). When I returned to ring him up, he looked upset. I didn’t realize until after he left that he was buying a product to “extend” a body part that women to do not have.

Honestly, cashiers don’t really pay attention. We’re too busy thinking about our next break or thinking about calling home, etc. In other words, we’re thinking about other things besides your purchase.

Have you worked in retail?

Many people do, especially during the holidays when retailers hire extra help. Retail workers are hard workers and deserve to be treated fairly.


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