3 Ways To Upgrade Kitchen Essentials

I am always looking for ways to go greener and upgrade my kitchen essentials. Being stuck home, I am still trying to stay active. My son and I have made a new routine with our new normal. I keep it simple and fun for us! Here are 3 ways to upgrade kitchen essentials! 

3 Ways To Upgrade Kitchen Essentials
Beauty Brite Disclosure

When we first moved into our home, I took the time to decorate and make it our very own! I even added cute garden gnomes to our stairs and porch! 

As a single mom, I am on a budget, so I bought what I could afford. I bought a set of plastic food containers, even though I really wanted to splurge on glass. That’s why I am so excited to upgrade to the Glass Nesting Bowls from Boon Supply! 

Glass Nesting Bowls

I love that the Glass Nesting Bowls do just that, they stack perfectly together for easy storage! They are made of glass, dishwasher and freezer safe, BPA free, and the lids keep foods and liquids safely in the bowls. 

Infused Water Bottle

We are always drinking water throughout the day. I rarely buy soda. So, my son drinks plenty of water. To add a little flavor, I like to infuse my water with fruit! The Infused Water Bottle is perfect! I have my son use the water bottle. I add a little fruit and he loves drinking his water.

The Infused Water Bottle is perfect for my teen son to use. It is BPA free too! 

Large Gold Baking Sheet

I remember growing up, my parents would treat us to donuts on the weekends, this was not every weekend, so it was such a treat when we woke up to that pink donut box on the kitchen counter! 

Since we are so busy during the week with school, zoom calls with his teacher and speech therapist, and even ABA Therapy, I like to relax on the weekends with a fun treat for us! I started treating us to cinnamon rolls! Sometimes, I get creative and make Mickey Mouse shaped cinnamon rolls or Cinnamon Roll Waffles

I’ve been trying to bake more but with the limited supplies, I use what I have. I knew I needed a baking sheet. I still need a few more items. In the meantime, I’m excited to upgrade to the Large Gold Baking Sheet! Before, I was using two casserole dishes to bake. 

The Large Gold Baking Sheet allows me to make our cinnamon rolls and anything else we need when using the oven. 

Boon Supply offers so many fun products to upgrade your kitchen essentials and beyond! 

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