3 Ways To Protect And Enhance Your Summer Look

Here in California, our sun is out! I am reminded that I need to pull out the sunscreen to protect our skin. I want to start walking again too. I like to take the time to apply sunscreen before spending time outside. 

3 Ways to Protect And Enhance Your Summer Look
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Are you ready for summer? Spring is almost here and we are already preparing for warmer weather! The sun may be out, we are still expecting rain here and there. We could certainly use the rain too! 

Every new season is a great time to go through your beauty and skincare products to renew and fresh what you have! 

Step 1: Enhance your glow

I like to add highlight and shimmer to my overall look! I like adding a little bit of blush and bronze just to add a natural color! 

Perfectionist Bombshell Sculpting Palette

Start with the Perfectionist Bombshell Sculpting Palette by JUNO & Co. This all-in-one compact has just what I need! I have a highlight, bronzer, blush, and shimmer for added dimension! The colors are highly pigmented! I only need a light tough of each and even then, I tap my brush on the back of my hand before applying to my face! The blush is especially pigmented for my taste, so a very light touch and blend! The shimmer is so pretty! I like to add a little shimmer to my eyes and my cheek bones. 

The Perfectionist Bombshell Sculpting Palette is sure to please! There are so many looks you can try. The colors are perfect to use on your eyes too! 

JUNO Blur Setting Powder Bundle

Once you have the look you want, it’s time to set your makeup! The JUNO Blur Setting Powder Bundle is perfect! The bundle includes Brighten (Brightening) and Airbrush (Translucent). Use Brighten for under your eyes and the areas that need the extra glow! Then, use Airbrush Translucent for the all over bake. Be camera ready all day! 

On a Roll Babe Brush Set

The On a Roll Babe Brush Set is just the set you need. It comes in a lightweight pink wrap case! Perfect for travel or everyday use! The brushes even match the soft wrap case! 

Step 2: Protect your face and beyond

When it comes to quick application of sunscreen, I like to use a sunscreen stick since they are travel-friendly! The sticks allow me to quickly apply to skin and then massage into our skin. The Goddess Garden Baby SPF 50 Mineral Sunscreen Stick for Sensitive Skin is perfect to use with my son’s skin. He dislikes when it’s time to apply sunscreen but knows we need to before leaving the house. 

My son may not be a baby, I feel confident using the Goddess Garden Baby SPF 50 Mineral Sunscreen Stick for Sensitive Skin on his face, neck, and anywhere else as needed! 

Goddess Garden SPF 50 Mineral Sunscreen Sticks

I use the Goddess Garden Sport SPF 50 Mineral Sunscreen Stick for Sensitive Skin on my face and neck too! I throw the sunscreen sticks in my purse or tote bag and take it with us! I also like volunteering in my son’s class and then run a few errands. I can easily and quickly reapply my sunscreen whenever I need to! 

Goddess Garden Chakra Aromatherapy Bracelet

Being a single mom, college student, and having other personal stuff going on, I feel like I am overwhelmed at times. I also wanted an aromatherapy bracelet! I used to have one that I loved but it broke! I received the Goddess Garden Chakra Aromatherapy Bracelet! I wear it whenever I need that extra emotional support. I can easily add a few drops of essential oil to help calm my mind or boost my mood! 

You can also find Goddess Garden products at Target. 

Step 3: Protect your skin

When I saw the Project Sunscreen products, I knew I had to try them! Not only are they travel-friendly but they also make sunscreen applications super easy and quick! I love the cap topper, which I can easily attach to my bag! 

Project Sunscreen Roll-On for Kids Teens and All

I received Project Sunscreen for Kids Make Waves, Project Sunscreen for Teens Rainbow River, and Project Sunscreen for all Aerial Beach

I love the roll-on applicator! As a special needs mom, I love that this method is so unique! I’ve never seen or even considered anything like it! I can quickly apply sunscreen on my son’s skin. He does not like to sit or stand still and when it’s time to put on sunscreen, he’s wiggly and giggly but still happy as can be! I can use either the Project Sunscreen for Kids Make Waves or Project Sunscreen for Teens Rainbow River on his skin. 

I have used the Project Sunscreen products on our face and body with no skin irritations! 

I like using the Project Sunscreen for all Aerial Beach just before going on my walks or waiting at the bus stop. 

I find that the sunscreens are interchangeable and have used either products on myself and my son with no issues! 

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