3 steps to clear and youthful skin

 3 steps to clear and youthful skin

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When I buy beauty products, I look at their uses and benefits. I prefer natural beauty products because they tend to have multi-uses and safe for my whole family. I look for products that give me the most for my budget!

Unfortunately, I have the occasional breakout. Even though I cleanse my face twice a day, it is not always enough. When I breakout, it is so noticeable and embarrassing. Thankfully, I am able to cover it up with makeup.

ClarityMD beautybrite

I do like to treat my breakouts. That’s where ClarityMD comes in. I received 3 products from the ClarityMD line. Not only can I help treat and heal my acne, but the products also offer anti-aging benefits.

I start with the Deep Pore Cleanser which is very thick, so I only need a little dab. It is very concentrated and bubbles up easily. I apply to wet skin and just massage all over my face.

ClarityMD Cleanser and Serum

After rinsing my face and dabbing my face dry with a soft towel, I apply the Skin Clarifying Acne Pads all over my face and neck. One little pad has plenty of product to spare on my face and neck and then some.

Finally, I follow with the Clarifying Serum that is also concentrated. I use a small dab and apply all over my face and neck.

All three products are so gentle on my skin. My breakouts are less bothersome because my skin is left feeling extra smooth and less irritated.

ClarityMD pads and sponge

I was also sent a konjac sponge which I use to exfoliate my skin. The sponge is easy to use. Wet your skin, wet the sponge and gently massage the skin. I use this after cleansing or with the cleanser!

After less than a week of using ClarityMD, I noticed right away that my skin looks so much smoother and my fine lines were nearly gone! My skin has a healthy glow!

Don’t forget the final step: Smile!  You can add happiness and radiance to your entire look with just a smile!  Make your smile count!  It improves your outlook and your mood.

You can find the Clarity MD Acne Solution KIT and save a little money. The kit includes the 2 Step System Deep Pore Cleanser and Acne Solution Clarifying Gel Fast Acting Quick Working.


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