2020 All Natural Spring Cleaning Products Line Up

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The Must Have Eco-Friendly Products For Your Home

Are you ready for SPRING CLEANING? I’m not. But I will do my best this season to clean as natural as possible. Check out the 2020 line up for must have products to get your home to showroom quality.

All Natural Pest Control

Bugs. Need I say more?

Having a pest problem is probably the most infuriating and frustrating thing to happen to your home. Especially when you just want your home in tip-top shape. You take your time to get your home sparkling clean, then comes little critters running across your freshly polished counters, YUCK!

Evade Multi-insect killer retails $12.99 USD

The biggest problem with bug sprays is the toxicity. The fumes can really be harmful to your lungs and cause serious headaches. It comes to the point where you think ‘ Is it worth it?’ Personally, I am a momma of a son who is a severe asthmatic, so using chemical bug killers INSIDE my home is a big no-no.

Evade came through and tossed that problem out the window. There is no smell or residue, so there is no irritation to your lungs and NO HEADACHES. The formulation is plant based using botanical oils that kills insects targeting their nervous system. So there is no need to worry, this only affects insects! Humans and pets are completely safe.

Not only is it safe around children and pets, it is eco-friendly! The aerosol is completely pressurized by air so no VOCS! I love the fact that the entire can is recyclable and made in the U.S.A ( YAY JOBS!)

Since Evade created a safer ‘pest exterminator’, it can be stored in your home. That means you no longer have to hide your pesticides in the depths of your garages or sheds.

Living in the New England area, some of our common pests are ants, stink bugs and silverfish. They are a complete nuisance to our homes. We have had issues with stink bugs and silverfish for over 10 years, and we personally can not afford exterminator. Now that we are entering Spring, the silverfish are making their appearance, and my kids are screaming their heads off.

As soon as we saw our first silver fish, Evade took them out without a problem. I was confident enough to use Evade even with my asthmatic son in the room. The mist came out very fine, and that little silver fish dropped from my curtain without a single problem. I don’t think I have ever been this excited over killing these little buggers!

So leave the stress behind, and get those pesky critters. EVADE has your back!

Eco-Friendly Probiotic Cleaners

Hard Surface, Floor & Fabric

For more product information visit CounterCultureClean.com

Rage Against the Clean

Counter Culture really stepped up their household cleaning game. They are an eco-friendly company that created cleaning products that are safe around your children and pets. The goal was to eliminate all toxic chemicals from your home and create a MicrobiHome which is exactly what nature intended. This means that their products do not kill 99.9% of bacteria in your home. This helps protect the natural ecosystem that lives in your home which is completely healthy.

Counter Culture uses probiotic cultures that are made of good bacteria (think of eating yogurt to help have a healthy gut). It is plant based and contains essential oils for an amazing smell in your home.

The Counter Culture All Purpose Cleaner really surprised me. I was skeptical at first, but once I saw that it cut through grease flawlessly on my stove top, it won me over. It is not only amazing at breaking down grease and dirt, it smells AMAZING! I do not have to worry about my kids using it, so they can help clean the house, and I don’t have worry about poisoning.

This is great for all hard surfaces in your home. If you have wood, marble or granite please test an inconspicuous area in case it discolors your surface. I have used it on my wood table top, and it did not affect the wood treatment at all.

If you have really stubborn stuck on grime, let the product sit and the good bacteria do its work.

Air freshener AND fabric refresher??? TAKE MY MONEY! The smell is incredible. The lavender has to be my favorite scent Counter Culture has to offer. Not only does it refresh your living space and does not aggravate asthma or give headaches, it makes the fabrics in your home smell so great!

You can use this anywhere, from pet beds, stinky work shoes, yoga mats, or the million and one throw blankets you have in your home. (I think I just called myself out🤣) The scents really fill up a room and lingers. I currently have a Grove account, and this will be on my repeat delivery.

Please test on an inconspicuous place if spraying on leather and wool.

Counter Culture Floor Cleaner left me impressed. I honestly wasn’t expecting too much cleaning wise, but the results on my bamboo floors really had me rethink my routines. My floors were left shiny and streak free. All the gunk and ‘presents’ my children leave behind on my floors were wisped away using my O-Cedar mop.

The innovation, the safety, the fact that is does not bother our lungs or give headaches; it really left me speechless. Even my husband was impressed. My favorite part is that my home did not smell like a chemical bomb went off. It left my entire kitchen smelling great. I did not have to worry about my kids messing with the water, or have to move my birds to a different room. Overall, Counter Culture NAILED IT!

From the counters to the floors, fabric to pesky pests. We hope we got you prepared to get your home sparkling clean for this 2020 year!

Happy Spring Cleaning!!!

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  1. Evade really works! Surprised how well it got rid of the household bugs in our home.

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