Yoga For Beauty Detox

Yoga For Beauty Detox
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This week, I started doing yoga. I wanted a calm and less strenuous workout to do while I am still sick. We’ve been sick for about two weeks now. Last week, I started feeling better but then my sickness caught another wind and still trying to get better. I use a diffuser and Himalayan salt lamp for my overall health and wellness.

I knew I would be receiving The Beauty Detox Power Yoga Series, so I wanted to get a head start and prepare my body for the long workouts! I found several yoga workouts on YouTube to do and do about 20 minutes of yoga several times a week.

The Beauty Detox Power Yoga Series DVD

The Beauty Detox Power Yoga Series consists two 60 minute workouts plus another breathing exercise. Even when I did cardio workouts, the longer videos were great but took all of my energy! Plus, I find longer workouts are intimidating to think about.

I see yoga as a way to relax and focus on my breathing. My yoga time is my quiet time! This gives me time away from the computer and blogging. I am trying to take more time for myself and not stress out.

While the 60 minute workout seems time consuming, my plan was to break up the workout into 20 to 30 minute increments.

With my son home for the summer, I am limited on time and space to exercise. I want to keep it simple and yoga is perfect! This time around, I am determined to stick with yoga.

This summer, I find myself staying up later and sleeping in much later than I am used to. I prefer to wake up early so I can get started on work for the day. I am hoping yoga will help me sleep better!

The Beauty Detox Power Yoga Series videos are not at all intimidating. When I started the first video, I intended to stop after 30 minutes, however, I lost track of time because I was focusing on my mindset and breathing.

So far, I have only done the first video for beginners and intermediate. I am taking my time and not risk any injury or setbacks. I have tried yoga in the past and sometimes I get dizzy. So there is no rush for me.

After every yoga workout, I feel energized and flexible. It is a great way to stretch and massage my body inside and out.

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