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This morning, our phone starting ringing at around 1:15 AM and it woke both my husband and I up.  Our caller ID said it was from “Anonymous.”  When she started leaving a message, we both listening intently and quickly realized she dialed the wrong number.

Yes, we do have a home phone with a voicemail.  Rare, I know.  Everyone has a cell phone these days.  My husband has cell phone.  It is nice to have a home phone because I am the stay at home parent.

Here is the voicemail we received at 1:15 AM:

As we listened to the message, I knew right away, I wanted to record this and share on my blog and on youtube.  I feel bad for the woman and I hope she finds the guy.  She sounds hurt and I hope she finds the answers she is looking for.  She obviously dialed the wrong number and I hope she did not give the authorities our number!

We believe things happen for a reason, so not two minutes after we received the wrong number message, my husband’s work called wanting him to come in to cover a shift.  I think it helped that he and I were already awake and he was able to answer the phone without sounding too “I just woke up” sounding voice.

Have you ever had a wrong number message?  Have you ever dialed the wrong number and left a message?

My husband has dialed the wrong number before and left a message.  When he went to leave a message, it was a woman’s voice on the voicemail which tipped me off that he may have dialed the wrong number.  However, I quickly pointed it out to him and he was able to dial the correct number.  I am glad I was paying attention because it was regarding hours at work.

I have also dialed the wrong number.  It certainly is embarrassing and I usually realize my mistake after I hang up.

Do you have any funny stories to share about calling the wrong number or receiving a voicemail for someone else?


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  1. Jacqueline says:

    Yeah, one time some lady called my mom’s house looking for her (said her first and last name) saying she was her daughter. Me and my brother just looked at each other as we’re the only kids she has and told her that she has the wrong person.

  2. LINDA R says:

    We used to get a lot of calls from people dialing the wrong number. They would be looking for the “Long Beach Playpen” a strip club, they would be very embarrassed when we would tell them that they had dialed the wrong number

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