WordPress or Blogger?

So that is my question…

Which do you prefer: WordPress or Blogger?

A friend of mine just switched over to wordpress and I have always been curious about wordpress.  Would it work for me?  I asked her what she thought about wordpress and she loves it!  This past weekend, I took the plunge and created a blog over at wordpress and played around in the admin section and even put my blog together.  When it came to adding some of the widgets, they didn’t have the same options as blogger.  I couldn’t figure out how to add Google Friend Finder and then some of the html that I added wouldn’t show up on my wordpress blog.

I have decided I am going to keep my blog here on blogger just because I feel so “established” and I have my blog link on other blogs and blog rolls.  Plus I found several things I couldn’t figure out to install on wordpress.

If you are a wordpress fan, what do you love about it?  If you use blogger, what do you love about it?  Have you thought about switching over to either one? 


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  1. I was actually wondering the same thing. I'm on Blogger too and it seems that a lot of people are switching over to WordPress. What's the draw?

  2. I think I am going to be making the plunge and jumping from blogger to wordpress soon.

    I like that wordpress shows you the URL of the post before it is finished. With blogger you have to publish the post and then unpublish it and it still shows up in google reader.

    Also, my phone has a wordpress app but nothing for blogger. I'd have to submit posts via email to post to blogger if I wanted to post on the go.

    There is also a way to take all your google friends with you (google a tutorial on it, its easy to do) and you can re-direct your blogger links to your new home with wordpress and your own domain name.

    WordPress can be intimidating at first with all the widgets and plug ins, but now that ive gotten used to it, i really like it.

    (You will however lose your rankings if you switch from a .blogspot.com URL to a custom URL – whether it is being done through blogger or jumping to hosting and wordpress)

  3. Dreamin' Mama says:

    never used wordpress, only blogger.

    New follower from the hop! Stop by amomcandream.blogspot.com and see me!

  4. I use blogger and like it. Haven't used wordpress, really no desire too either. I have an app I can post from my ipod.

  5. I tried WordPress for all of one day and gave up. I think Blogger is very user-friendly, especially for tech idiots like me, whereas with WordPress, you really have to sit down and figure it out, and spend time playing around with it.

    Over time, I might make the switch, but for now, Blogger works for me.

  6. aveggiemom says:

    Hi Alison,

    I have realized that Blogger is so much easier [for me] to use! All the gadgets/widgets are there and all I have to do is add them. I don't have to go searching for things to add to my blog.

  7. 7658908c-32e1-11e0-a8fb-000bcdca4d7a says:

    Hi there!
    I've used both and can honestly say that I love WP way more than Blogger. With blogger, you are limited on many things that you can have full control over with WP.
    Stopping by from FMBT to say hello.
    Have a great day!

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