Why I subscribed for the sunday paper delivery

The main reason I decided to subscribe for the Sunday paper delivery is because I was embarrassed!  Let me explain.

I started buying the Sunday paper in July because I wanted to start couponing to help us save on non-food items.  For the last 2 months or so, I stopped buying the Sunday paper for a variety of reasons.  This weekend, I started thinking about couponing so I planned to buy the Sunday paper for the coupon inserts.

This morning, I told my son we were going for a walk and to get his shoes on and helped him put on his jacket.  I gathered my exact change of $1.50 for the paper and we walked to the gas station a block away.  As the cashier rang me up, I was getting my $1.50 out when she said “that will be $2.00.”  Imagine my embarrassment of not even having enough money to buy the paper!  Luckily she was nice about it and explained that they changed the price over a month ago!  I told her that I would have to come back to buy the paper and quickly left!  I was completely mortified.

On the way home, I thought about subscribing to the Sunday paper in hopes of avoiding the trip to the gas station.  If it was affordable enough, then I wanted to sign up.

Subscribing for the local Sunday paper is only $8.84 a month.  Only 84 cents more to have it delivered, rather than buying it at the local gas station.  I signed up to try it for a month to see how it goes.

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