When moms and dads are sick with the flu

When moms and dads are sick with the flu

My husband was sick with the flu about 3 weeks ago, despite getting the flu shot as required by his job. Last week, my son started to show symptoms. He is not able to tell us when he isn’t feeling well, I can usually tell by the way he looks and acts. A few days after my son started showing symptoms, I started to feel something coming on.

At first, I was in denial. I did not know that it was the flu at the time. I thought I could beat it or at least lessen the illness with Vitamin C. The first day I felt symptoms, I started taking the Vitamin C. For a few days, I felt a bit better.

Unfortunately, I ended up getting the flu. Thankfully, by the time my son and I got it, my husband was feeling better. We have always said that we would be doomed if we were both sick at the same time because our son needs someone watching him at all times.

I am about a day or two behind with the flu from my son.

I cannot remember the last time I was this sick, let alone with the flu. I don’t even think I have ever had the flu.

I am drinking plenty of water. In a way, drinking water helps soothe my throat. I have also been drinking green tea. I have been experiencing headaches and my body feels achy, so I have been taking ibuprofen.

Despite being sick with the flu, I still had to take care of everything. When my husband was sick, he was able to sleep as long as he wanted.

Isn’t it odd that dads can do whatever they want when they are sick? Meanwhile, moms are still obligated to take care of the kids and the chores?

My son was feeling better yesterday and I had warned my husband the night before that he would have to take our son to school because I was still feeling sick. Well, he ended up deciding to keep our son home from school.

Guess who had to watch our son all day? That’s right, me! I wanted to sleep and get plenty of rest and quiet time.

After being sick since last week, I finally emerged this morning.  I went on with my regular routine of putting on makeup for the first time in about 6 days!  I feel like I have been in zombie mode this past week!


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