What I Worry About

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What I Worry About

What I Worry About

We all have them. What do you worry about? Don’t be shy. Do you have something that you worry about a lot? I am a worrier. I worry about family, paying the bills and many other things.

I have a confession to make. In a way, I feel like I am being taken advantage of.

Currently, I pay all of our household bills. My husband works full time and I am a full time blogger. His paychecks are consistent whereas mine are not. My pay differs every month. My earnings depend on the work that I do.

My main issue is that we have separate bank accounts. We have one main account that we have together and he has two separate accounts. He pays the car payment, his food (he doesn’t really eat at home), car maintenance, his cell phone and his credit cards. I pay for everything else. Does that sound fair?

That is my main worry. I worry that I am being taken advantage of. I feel like I am being taken advantage of by my own husband.

He works full time. He should be contributing much more towards household bills. In addition to the household bills, I pay for my cell phone, my credit card and food for the house. I have no issues paying for the household food since he really doesn’t eat at home. I also pay for clothing and other needs for our household. Since I do pay for everything, I am all about finding ways to earn money online. I am also big on shopping online to earn cash back.

I think it would help if he would contribute regularly considering he works full time. I understand he has bills, but so does our household. It would help my sanity, my worries and my mild depression.

My mom is aware of the issues I am going through, which is why she always sends me a little extra for my birthday, her grandson’s birthday and Christmas. It is sad that she helps more than my own husband to pay the household bills.

In a nutshell, I worry about our bills. I need equal help with paying for things for our household. I don’t mind doing everything for our household, including taking care of our son every single day. I told him he needs to help more next year, so let’s hope he will do so.

What do you worry about? What bothers you? How do you handle the issues?


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