What did my child just say?!

I like McDonald's [fries] and I cannot [lie]

I like McDonald’s [fries] and I cannot [lie] (Photo credit: Chapendra)

The other day, we were on our way home from visiting our new apartment with our son. It was his second visit to our new apartment.

So, what did my child just say?!

On our way home, we asked him if he wanted French fries. He quickly responded verbally with “French fries” and also was doing a movement with his hand and arm. He kept saying and doing the same movement with his hand and arm. We thought he may be signing “french fries,” so I decided to look it up when we got home. Lo and behold, our son was signing “French fries” in sign language! You can see the sign here.

We use several American Sign Language signs and spoken words to communicate with our son. His teachers use picture cards, which I hope to use too.  I just need to create my own picture cards.  I love learning new signs and using them with our family. I would love to take a college course in American Sign Language too. That would be so much fun learning another language.

It was fun to show our son where we will be living soon. We are all very excited for the move and hopefully he understands that we are going to move to a new home.

This time, he was able to run around and get familiar with the place. We also have some of our things and he was able to see them. He saw some of his blankets in the corner and even pulled one down to wrap around himself. He took the blanket to put over his body to lie down on the floor. We were showing him where his bed would go and where he would be sleeping.

Our son just loved running through all of the rooms to explore and observe our things in each of the rooms. We do our packing and organizing while he is in school, so each time he comes home, he notices more things gone or moved. He is so observant!

How do you communicate with your children?


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  1. No kids but this is really cool.

  2. Victoria H says:

    My boys are still young but I hope that they do develop a interest in learning sign language. That is really cool.

  3. Sometimes I communicate with my two girls by making my EYE’S BIG. That way they know that I am mad or angry. But I am more communicating with them verbally.

  4. love this post! Thanks so much for sharing! xo xo

  5. Athena Nagel says:

    When my youngest two children were small I took a few sign language courses. Although I have to confess I don’t use it nearly as much anymore and as a result – lose some of it. At first it was because my son is on the spectrum and didn’t speak til he was 7. Then it was because sometimes it was just easier to sign. Let me tell you – when your child is misbehaving in a distance – I so much appreciate the sign language so I don’t have to look like a screaming lunatic mom. And there is no doubt the kids get the message – although they feign ignorance sometimes but they know I know! And the funniest part is my husband does not know any sign – we tried to teach him but he never embraced it. We can get alot done with just a few signs.

  6. Stacie Wyatt says:

    my children are also mostly non verbal. my youngest knows two words. my oldest knows a lot of words (thanks to speech therapy) but does not use most of them, until he needs them. I know a few signs and can translate some of their grunts and points.

  7. My little one is 14 months and not on the spectrum. He communicates by pointing at things, saying mummum or dada and he can sign for milkies lol. He can also answer yeahh to questions. I am not sure where he picked it up. I have two cousins on the spectrum and you never know how verbal they are going to be- They are pretty good talkers now. But it does depend on whether they are in the own world/ space. I think sign language is a great tool because it can reduce frustration.

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