What a Thursday

What a Thursday

Yesterday was a nice day! I had a healthy lunch, for the first time this week. We didn’t go grocery shopping last weekend, so I had to eat at McDonald’s all this week.

Yesterday, I had a salad and baked potato topped with a little cheese, sour cream and sunflower seeds. It was delicious! I really missed eating healthy! I may have salad more often at work for lunch! It was really nice not to feel weighed down and tired after eating.

Pool shoes

After work, we ended up going to the shoe store. I happen to have a store credit from a few years ago, so our purchase didn’t cost anything else out of pocket. We bought a pair of pool shoes for our son. My husband automatically chose Nike brand, maybe because his shoes are also Nike.


Since the store was having a BOGO 50% sale, I ended up getting a new pair of sneakers. I like to take walks at work on my breaks, so now I have an extra pair of sneakers to spare to keep at work. My shoes were on sale for $39.99, the cheapest pair I could find and they are also Nike brand!

On the way home, my husband asked me if I wanted to get takeout to eat at home. I love Chinese food. While he ordered the food, I took our son next door to go to Dollar Tree. I didn’t see anything I needed, but it is always fun to look at the stuff they have.

I got enough food to have dinner and bring some to work the next day for lunch. I also have enough to have a few more meals as well.

This weekend, I plan on going to the grocery store. Hopefully the weather will cooperate. Since I walk to the grocery store and my husband will be sleeping, I take my son with me. It gets us out of the house and we get a nice walk in.


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