What a Monday!

Yesterday was quite the Monday!  What a way to begin a week.  I had two incidents that happened that make me laugh and have an epiphany.

The first incident happened first thing in the morning, after I had arrived at work.  After using the ladies room, I ripped my panty at the waistline.  The rip was about an inch long at the seam line.  Thankfully, my panty was able to make it through the rest of the day.  After that happened, I could only laugh at the episode!

The second incident occurred just as my husband and I sat down to watch our favorite television show on Netflix.  The toilet flooded our bathroom!  By the time we caught it, the water was about an inch or two high!  We used all of our towels to help mop up the water!  The water leaked onto our carpet, so I was trying to soak up the water and used a wet vacuum to help soak up most of it.

We used a fan to help dry the carpet.  We kept the fan running all night and will have it going until the carpet is dry. 

As for the wet towels, there were so many of them that I split them into two loads of laundry!  I also had to wash our bath mats and included our kitchen mats in one load. 

After the toilet flooding, it made me realize that I am still trying to be a full time blogger.  Now that I work full time, I do not have time to blog full time.  I am finding very little time for myself and my family during the week.  Blogging will have to be done over the weekend.


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