We had an hour

We had an hour

How much can you accomplish in an hour? What if you had an hour to run a few errands, could you do it? Add your spouse or a child into the mix and they want to stop somewhere during that hour. Really. Could you do it?

We had an hour.

We wanted to run a few errands before our son got home from school.

My husband woke up earlier than usual and we decided to get a few things done. He wanted to get a quick bite at Costco.

Can you blame him?

They have cheap food at their snack bar! Plus, we love the mocha freeze!

We also wanted to stop by the store for a blogging assignment. I have to take a picture of a product display and share on social media.

We ended up at Costco and my husband realized he needed gas, so he got gas at Costco price. Again, can you blame us? The savings alone!

Then we headed into Costco and my husband said I had time to go shopping. I decided to grab a few things while he ate. It’s been over two weeks since we last went grocery shopping, so I grabbed a few things to hold us over until we get to the store this week.

Every time I go shopping with my husband, I feel like I am shopping in a hurry. Does your spouse do that to you? Always feeling rushed in the store?

By the time we walked out of Costco, we had 15 minutes left, so we headed home.

I have to be at the bus stop to pick up our son.

We made it home in time. Maybe later this week, we will try again. I have until the end of the week to complete my assignment!


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  1. That is actually me. I have to keep a schedule so I go in there with a list and knock it out. My kids totally hate me for this sometimes, but it gets us out of the store fast when we are grocery shopping, however I am prone to parooze aisle after aisle when I don’t have a list. I’ll even take pictures of things on my “want” list with my phone.

    Stopping by because I saw your post in my BlogLovin feed, I’d love for you to come by and visit sometime!

  2. It is hard to get errands done when you know you have to be back in time to get your son. It always makes me nervous that I’ll be late. It is hard to shop with my husband, but not because he rushes me, but because he wanders off to go look at things and then when I’m ready to go I can’t find him.

    • Too funny! I am so glad my husband and I have cell phones so we can call or text each other to say “where are you?” or “are you ready to go?”

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