Ways to Shine Bright and Smooth

Ways to Shine Bright and Smooth

Ways to Shine Bright and Smooth - Philip B® Hair Care

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Being a writer with Beauty Brite, I have had many opportunities to work with great brands that I would have never have been able to try if it was not for my love for beauty products. This was the first time that I have heard of Philip B Botanical and the first time that I am trying their products. I received three amazing products: the pH Restorative Detangling Toning Mist, Russian Amber Imperial Conditioning Crème, and Lavender Hair & Body Shampoo! I am finding that the products are helping me shine bright and smooth with less product.

Philip B® Hair Care

I have used many different hair products in my life and nothing has ever come close to Philip B Botanical in terms of the way it smells or feels in my hair. I started off with the Lavender Hair & Body Shampoo which is a mixed blend of botanical cleansers that creates a dense and luxurious lather from a small amount of product. I naturally started to put more in my hair like I normally would. Well, that was a mistake and I had a huge head of lavender suds. The sulfate-free cleanser was wonderful, making my hair so soft while strengthening the strands and leaving a pleasant scent behind. I love that all the extra shampoo that was in my hair was being absorbed by my body to make it softer and hydrated as well without leaving a strong scent of lavender. The shampoo product comes in various sizes, so you can choose to get a small bottle to try out before getting a larger size.

Having naturally thick hair, it is an absolute must to use a conditioning product in my hair to prevent tangles. This time around, I was going on a leap of faith, not using any conditioner but instead opting to use the pH Restorative Detangling Toning Mist after my shower. I sprayed the mist few times into my hair and massaged it in. With it being so light weight, I was thinking the whole time that it was not going to work. To my surprise it did. It worked great! I liked that it did not weigh my thick hair down or leave it hard to manage. The smooth shiny finish of the apple cider vinegar and pH balance makes the product work like nothing I have ever tried before, very effectively taming the frizz and static in my hair. I find that you can look your best with just a small amount of the mist product.

Philip B® Hair Care

Not using a conditioning product can be hard, but with these products you can have great hair without it. If you find, though, that you still need a luxurious conditioning product with high-quality ingredients to give you pH balance and restoring properties, you would need the Russian Amber Imperial Conditioning Crème. This conditioning crème will leave your hair bouncy with its rich blend of L-Amino Acids and pure botanicals that restore your hair while detangling and giving you a shine. I think I fell in love with the Amber Oil scent and the fact that the color protective conditioner helps you keep your color looking great. To help increase the shine, you can also use the pH Restorative Detangling Toning Mist to make your style look great.

With high-end products, they have high-end ingredients that help you get an amazing result that will leave you loving your hair.

What’s one main hair issue you’d like to fix? Which Philip B® product did you find to help?

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