The Walking Dead Season 4 Marathon

The Walking Dead Season 4 Marathon

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For those who may not have Netflix, it is a great service to have to catch up on your favorite television shows or watch old and recent movies. We switched to Netflix a few years ago when we had to cancel our cable. We needed to cut down on our bills, so cable was the first to go. Netflix is so much more affordable.

These days, we do have basic cable, so we are able to watch our local stations. Netflix comes in handy for our favorite television shows that are on the cable stations. I have several shows that I watch only because we have Netflix.

This past Sunday, I was going through our list of favorites and saw that The Walking Dead had new episodes available! Season 4 is on Netflix. I was only able to watch 4 episodes back to back. I told my husband that the new season is on Netflix. He watched several episodes last night since he worked overnight and now he is ahead of me by a few episodes.

My husband and I discovered the show after hearing about it on social media. I saved in our favorites and we started watching it a few years ago. We are always a season behind everyone else since we watch it on Netflix.

I cannot wait until next weekend, because I plan on having another marathon of The Walking Dead. I prefer to watch my favorite television shows during the week online and have my marathons over the weekend.

What are some of your favorite television shows? Do you have marathons on Netflix? What shows do you recommend? I am always looking for new shows to watch on Netflix.


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