Walgreens Trip 8/15

I didn’t buy the Sunday paper two Sundays ago, nor did I go to Walgreens last week!  I just wasn’t in the mood to coupon, plus it’s hard without any income coming in.  I did, however, buy the Sunday paper yesterday and found some great deals at Walgreens!  I can only buy a few things at each trip because I walk to Walgreens and I bring a reusable shopping bag to carry my things home. 

I am slowly working on my son’s back school supply list.  I am going to buy a little at a time as I don’t consider them a necessity.  If I am unable to purchase everything on the list, I plan on asking the teacher for help (for the low income families).  I bought the “one zip bags” because they were on his school supply list and we also need more.  I also bought Walgreens diapers but I paid regular price for them. 

Here is what I bought:

Hefty One Zip Bags ~ 2/$3.29 (BOGO) – $1 manufacturer coupon
Total: $2.29

Walgreens Aluminum Foil ~ $0.79 on sale
Total: $0.79

Cottonelle (12 rolls) ~ $5 – $1 Walgreens coupon – $0.75 manufacturer coupon
Total: $3.25

Total: $6.33


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  1. twimom101 says:

    I need to look into getting some stuff at Walgreens. I usually do all my shopping at TARGET (we have a super target here) and they do a target coupon/manufacturer coupon. and their coupons are stuff I actually buy. will go thru sundays coupons today! thanks!

  2. DisneyMom says:

    Walgreens is my store only because I can walk there! I wish we lived close enough to a Target that I can walk there! 😉

  3. Self Sagacity says:

    I don't use a Walgreens much but they do have great prices. Alexa Hop.

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