Walgreens Trip 7/3

Hey everyone!  I am so excited, I just got back from Walgreens and wanted to share my savings.  I bought the Sunday paper unsure if there were coupons and found that there were (I checked before I bought the paper).  I had read [on other blogs] that there weren’t going to be any coupons due to the holiday weekend.

After going through my Walgreens ad, I found a few things I had coupons for!  Since I am a newbie at couponing, I am only focusing on Walgreens since it’s only 2 blocks from where we live. 

Here is what I bought: 

Notice the little hand in the bottom right hand corner?  That’s my 5 year old son’s hand.  He really wanted the candy! 

Here is my receipt:

I bought every thing “on sale” except the Pam cooking spray.  I also bought vegetable oil, which was on sale.  Those were the only two items I didn’t have a coupon for, but really needed.  The cashier was rude to me, and I am sure she didn’t like when I handed her so many coupons and I paid for a portion of my things with food stamps.

As you can see, my total savings was $21.73.  My total savings includes the store sales and my coupons!

I earned $1 in Register Rewards.  There are a few other things I need, so I will be making another trip later this week. 


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  1. I think your wise to focus on one store and keeping it simple. It can become very overwhelming and lots of people get burnt out before they really begin.


  2. Stop by and LINK UP your shopping trips every Friday. I share my shopping trips and you can get inspiration from others on how to get FREE food.


  3. Great job on your savings! I always love it when I save 50% or more. I agree that it's good to start with one store first and then add more as you learn.

  4. You are off to a great start. I have only been couponing for 3 months. Come by my blog to see how others are doing and get inspiration on how you can save more.

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