Waiting for Season 6 of The Walking Dead

Waiting for Season 6 of The Walking Dead

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My husband and I love watching The Walking Dead. Even though we have basic cable, we have ways to watch our favorite show. We like to binge watch it on Netflix! We try our hardest to watch the show together or at least within days of each other so we can talk about the episodes.

We were able to watch Season 5 online but I am waiting for it to come on Netflix. I want to re-watch the season! We are also looking forward to Season 6!

My husband works full time and sometimes he is sent to different work sites to cover shifts or train new employees. He just started training at a new work site (and will help cover that site for awhile) for the graveyard shift.


He said that it looks abandoned; similar to what you would see on the set of The Walking Dead!


The work site is in an industrial area but it still looks abandoned and so creepy. It is literally pitch dark inside the facilities so they had to walk around using the flashlight app on their phones.


Are you ready for Season 6 of The Walking Dead? I am excited for the new show Fear The Walking Dead. I can see it build up to what we know now. It will be interesting to see how it all plays out!

What are your thoughts on Fear The Walking Dead? Check out what Asha thought of the premiere episode and here are my own thoughts on the episode too!

What do you think will happen in Season 6 of The Walking Dead?


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