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Violet love the winter

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Oh, the weather outside is …… Wait, wait, wait. That is a Christmas song and I am in a cheerful mood thanks to the oh so nice cool weather.  Cold Weather, Jackets, Boots, and now winter wear Violet Love is going to keep my head warm in style with all this cold weather that is happening here in Arizona. Violet Love the Winter Weather this year. 

When thinking about winter weather, many people don’t realize that Arizona gets very cold. These last three months, the mornings when I get off work, the temps have been in the 30’s with frost on the windshield! So every morning before I head out to deal with the cold weather, I bundle up with my Old Navy cream sweater, my army bag and my Violet Love Winter headband on my head.

Violet Love has so many headbands to choose from. The winter headbands are here to get you cozy and warm. I recently got a Zermatt Winter Wear headband that is loaded with color. It is a brand new style to the winter collection. All the winter wear headbands are made in LA, California from PETA approved vegan fabric. At $22.00 each, these are truly wonderful and warm headbands. They keep you from letting all your heat escape from your head.

With nineteen different warm and cozy Violet Love Winter Headband to choose from, you are going to want them all.

I am loving the designs of these five different winter wear headbands: Zermatt, Verbier, Val Thorez, St. Moritz, and Aspen. I have one for every day of the week! 

Head over to VIOLET LOVE  to see all that they offer.


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