Updating My Wardrobe

Updating My Wardrobe

I love shopping! When I do shop for clothes, it is very rare. I only buy new clothes every few months.

This past week, I have been slowly building my summer wardrobe. This is the first full summer that I am working. I already have a good selection of pants and tops for work. Now, I am getting dresses, capris, sandals and any summer friendly clothes that I can wear for work or on my days off. I also bought our son new t-shirts and shorts. The last time we bought him shorts and tanks were two years ago. He only has two pairs of shorts and a few tanks and t-shirts. I just hope he likes them and will wear them. He is picky about his clothing, so I hope he approves of them. If he does not like them, I will need to return them.

With buying new clothes, I realized that I have spent so much money. Normally, I buy new clothes here and there not all at once like I have been. I think I am set for the summer months. I have a few new dresses, capris and sandals. I am looking forward to having more than one pair of sandals I can wear to work.

How often do you buy new clothes? Normally, I rarely get to buy new clothes. My family and I buy clothes when we really need to. My son needs new shoes; hopefully we can get to the store soon. He has one pair of sneakers and they are too small for him.

Are you ready for summer? I am enjoying the warm weather. Since the sun has been out, I go for a walk on my breaks and lunch. It is nice to get outside for the fresh air and sun. I only walk around the back parking lot and do not stray too far from the building. It is nice to get some exercise at work since I sit at a desk all day. How do you exercise?


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