Unique and fashionable wallets

Unique and fashionable wallets

I was recently approached by Allett Billfolds to review their thin wallets. Since I had never heard them, I was intrigued. I hopped on over to their website and learned so much! I cannot wait to share more with you! I was sent a men’s and women’s wallet to review in exchange for my honest opinion.

Allett Billfolds products are made in the USA, more specifically in San Diego, CA. I was born and raised in California, so they receive bonus points from me! The SoftTech Nylon wallets are environmentally friendly in that they are made from recycled plastic bottles. They are also water resistent. If they were to be dropped in a puddle of water, just lay them out and allow to dry!

Unique and fashionable wallets Beauty Brite

I received the Classic Leather Original wallet in Chocolate Brown for my husband and the SoftTech Nylon Original Wallet in Purple for myself. When I received the wallets, I could not wait to inspect them further! I opened them both up and I am amazed how many pockets there are. In both wallets, there are two slots for paper currency or receipts and plenty of slots for cards. The women’s wallet also has a zippered coin slot.

I can easily see myself fitting everything I need in my slim wallet. My current wallet is pretty big and bulky. It fits everything I need, but it can be a pain to carry such a big wallet. There are times when I wear a crossbody purse and I am unable to carry a wallet with me in it. I am so excited to have my new SoftTech Nylon wallet because it will definitely fit in my crossbody purse without taking up too much room or adding more bulk. I can carry everything I need in one place. My new slim wallet will help me stay organized when I am out and about with my son.

Inside Unique and fashionable wallets

I love the Classic Leather Original wallet! Even though it is a men’s wallet, I can see myself using it as well. The wallet is very soft to the touch. If you were to see my husband’s wallet, it is stuffed full of everything he carries, which makes his wallet look so thick. When we transferred all of his wallet’s contents into the Classic Leather Original wallet, the first thing he noticed was that the wallet stayed thin. It is no longer uncomfortable to carry his wallet in his pocket.

You can find Allett Billfolds on their website and Twitter.

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