My Ugg-like boots

My Ugg-like boots

When I went back home to visit my parents a few months ago, we went shopping at Costco. My mom wanted to look at clothes and shoes. She showed me the Ugg-like boots and I immediate loved them! At first glance, they were super cute! I have never had a pair of Uggs.

Costco had three colors to choose from: black, brown and grey/brown. I chose the grey/brown color since it would go with any outfit.

The boots were reasonably priced too so I ended up getting them. I also thought they would be perfect for work! I could not wait to wear them.

Fast forward to now. My job updated the dress code and Ugg-like boots are not allowed. I will have to wear them on my days off.

I wore them for the first this weekend. We were headed to the grocery store, so I decided to wear them on a whim. I was so surprised at how comfortable they were. The fit is snug on my feet. I love them and cannot wait to wear them note often!

My only dilemma is to find more jeans that I can wear with boots. I love wearing boots, so a lot of my clothing are not suitable for boots.

I love shopping at Costco. I rarely get to shop there, which may be a good thing. I wish we could have our own membership! In a way, I am glad we do not because it is so easy to spend over $100 there with just a few things in the cart!


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