Two Strapless Bras

Two Strapless Bras

This past weekend, we ended up going to the mall. I bought my first two pairs of strapless bras. Last week, I purchased a few dresses that would need strapless bras. The fit on them would not be able to cover bra straps.

As you can imagine, I have never owned strapless bras. My chest is not big, so I am always self conscience about wearing tops without straps. I am always afraid my top will fall down!

I tried the strapless bra on at the store. My son was with me, so I had to be fast. Thankfully, he was so excited and distracted and sat down. I kept asking him to hold things for me, that usually helps distract him. The bra fit great too! I am amazed that they look like they will stay on and not slip down!

I ended up getting two strapless bras. I chose to get white and black, that way I can wear one or the other, depending on the color I am wearing. I like to get white, especially if I am wearing a light color top or dress.

I am really excited about owning strapless bras. I can wear them if I am wearing a tank top and don’t want my straps to show.

The bras were on sale but they seem to use creative pricing. The bras were $40 each! The sale was “buy one get one half off.” But it does not seem to be a good deal. I just do not buy bras very often, so I hope these last several years!

What about you? How often do you get to buy new bras for yourself? As a mom, I normally do not buy things for myself. But since I work full time, I try to buy a little at a time. I am slowing building my wardrobe as I go.


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  1. I’m buying new ones when I think it’s time for it! I don’t have a limit or something like that before I buy a new one 🙂

  2. vicky c. says:

    I have a few bras that you can take the straps off but wearing them strapless scares me!! My boobs are kinda big so I’m scared the bra would slide off haha

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