Treadmill epic fail

Treadmill epic fail

I tried the treadmill for the first time last night. It was my first time ever on a treadmill. This is why I do not go to a gym! I am likely to fall and embarrass myself. I prefer to workout at home as I do not like the idea of other people witnessing my clumsiness! Even my husband knows how clumsy I am, but thankfully he still loves me.

Our treadmill arrived a few weeks ago and my husband and I finally put it together this week. It took about two hours, but it was really nice to spend that time with him. Usually he is doing his thing and I am left to hang out alone.

Due to safety reasons, I waited until our son went to sleep to use it. I used it for just under 45 minutes. While on it, I tried different speeds and inclines. I also watched a television show on Netflix on my phone. We have our treadmill facing the wall instead of the television because the instructions suggested having about 8 feet of space for safety.

When I decided to stop, I got off and turned off the machine. Unfortunately, something happened that I was not anticipating. My legs felt unsteady. I think my body thought it was still moving but my feet and legs were not. I fell and I tried to grab my phone from the stand and I dropped it. LOL

My body took a few minutes to adjust to not moving. Since my mom has used a treadmill for a few years I asked how for advice. She said that I am supposed to start in small increments and work my way up.

So, that is my treadmill epic fail story!


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  1. Oh jeez! I’m so sorry. lol. Treadmills hate me. One time I wasn’t even on one and I was just walking by someone who was using it. The treadmill sucked in my pant leg and pulled my foot underneath and cut up my toes really bad. 0.0

    • beautybrite says:

      OMG! That was part of the safety instructions that came with our treadmill. They said not to wear socks on the treadmill (without shoes) because it could get caught and pull you underneath!!!

  2. Lol! Glad your ok.. :0) I use to use it I loved it. But due to my bad knees I can’t anymore! :0( Mom is right, you need to start out small and work your way up. Happy Treadmilling!!

  3. sandy weinstein says:

    it can be dangerous using a treadmill, i have seen many people fly off the end…they do not pay attention or go too fast, i prefer the ellipical glad you are okay

  4. Oh my goodness..I am glad that you didn’t hurt yourself!


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