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How do you get the top coverage protector and skincare oil to work for you and save time? Concealers, foundations, pressed powders, liquids, and so many products to correct the imperfections of the skin is something all women want. The beauty and smooth skin is hard to achieve. To blend colors, apply concealer, foundation, and then powder to a woman’s face takes time. More time than any busy woman would want to spend on their face. I think this is why many busy females are burnt out and skip taking care of their beauty; it is incredibly time consuming. They feel that they could put that time to better use elsewhere. I know how hard it is and that is why for so long I did not cover the blemishes. I did not worry about my skin condition. Taking care of my household has always been the first priority.

Beauty Coverage Perfector 2 in 1 foundation by Westmore is more than a foundation. The coverage and perfecting tri effect technology works to give you flawless skin with very little effort.


Having the perfect coverage on your face only works if your skin shows improvement too. The 100% Natural Jojoba + Rosehip Oil helps you achieve radiance. The Jojoba helps the rosehip absorb deeper and improve the skin condition. Your skin will instantly be quenched and nourished.

The jojoba company

The Jojoba Company makes so many different combinations with Jojoba. You’re sure to find something that will work wonders for your skin. The Jojoba Company products are all natural and designed to work effectively for your skin.

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