Tips to Choose New Hair Replacement Styles and Upgrade Your Look

Tips to Choose New Hair Replacement Styles and Upgrade Your Look

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Hair replacement systems are everywhere, giving you chances to upgrade your look whenever you want to. As advised, you can make your appearance less boring by changing your hairstyle every now and then. It does not mean that you have to visit the salon frequently and cut your strands. It is best to let the new lace fronts wigs to do the work of enhancing your look.

There are specifics that could help you select the right lace wig to replace your existing one. Given below are tips even professionals stand by:

Choosing Among Categories

In selecting from new available stock hair replacement systems, there are several categories that you need to take regard of, starting with the length. You may select from short, medium, or long wigs. On the other hand, you may also consider the hairstyle. Either human hair or synthetic wigs can be in bobs, pixies, with bangs, without bangs, or even layered.

Selecting the Right Color

The color of your lace wig matters a lot since it has to complement your existing strands, face shape, and skin tone. If you are aging, you should look for a lighter hue that will provide more natural and softer look. If you are a cancer patient, you need to find a lace wig that will never make you look paler. It is effective to choose a dark brown than black wigs for a flattering appearance.

If you are currently a brunette and your strands begin aging, choose a wig with subtle colors. A lighter brown color may do.

Lastly, if you are going to a wear a wig as an enjoyable means of changing your look, you may experiment in any way you want to. Instead of paying for tedious and expensive dyeing job at the salon, look for a wig color that you have long been interested in trying on and doing it yourself.

Finding the Best Wig Fiber

There are two main types of wig fibers: ones that are made from human hair and synthetic. The former is considered to be the best choice since it behaves like real, human hair. It has its advantages, particularly in styling. Compared to synthetic wigs, human hair could be styled with a blow dryer, straightener, or curler. You may even dye it if necessary.
Human hair wigs give tons of advantages, but these require constant care. You have to regularly shampoo or condition it. If you can, you may bring it to the salon for styling sessions. It may be expensive, but it eliminates frequent wig changes.

Alternatively, synthetic wigs are choices for some since these are cheaper. This type of wig is also readily available anywhere compared to limited human hair wigs. Specifically, synthetic wigs have memory fiber that could sustain its style forever.

Regardless of your choice, you should find a wig that is resistant to heat. Even synthetic wigs today are sturdier than before, ensuring its resistance even to constant heat exposure. Find a wig that will not melt when being around an open flame.

Understanding the Cap Construction

There are various cap constructions you could choose from, depending on convenience. For instance, you could have the machine-made regular cap. Moreover, you have the monofilament top. This is a type of cap that has a see-through material making your scalp to appear more natural.

You also have the lace front cap. It also gives a more natural look, particularly in the hairline. Lastly, you have the all hand-tied cap construction. This option gives you the perfect fit. It is natural and more comfortable to wear on the head.

Considering Your Face Shape

Considering Your Face Shape

Even prior to getting professional help to style your wig according to your frame, it is best to find one according to your face shape. For instance, if you have a round face, it is ideal to find a wig that has wispy and long side areas to make your cheeks smaller. In case your face has a square shape, it is best to find a wig that adds height at the top and remove excess hair from the forehead.

Never Forget the Cut

The best lace wig you could find is the one that could be cut according to your frame. It must also be fitted to you based on your lifestyle. This is why you also have to bring your wigs to a salon for customization. A professional stylist will know how to cut or style the wig depending on your face shape. Remember, cutting a wig could be a lot different than trimming real hair.

Never Forget The Cut


Knowing Your Budget

You should know how much you could compensate for a wig. Human hair wig could be purchased at around $1000 or more. A synthetic wig is cheaper at approximately $400. Nonetheless, the price will depend on where you buy the product. At present, it is easier to shop for a wig even at the convenience of your home.

Follow the given tips in selecting and purchasing your new lace wigs, and you could never go wrong in enhancing your appearance easily.


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