Three Steps To Clear Skin

Three Steps To Clear Skin

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Acne affects just about everyone, regardless of age, race or gender. I had a few breakouts when I was a teenager, thankfully not too bad. Even as an adult, I have the occasional breakout. At my age, breakouts still make me self conscious. When I get a breakout, I want a quick solution.

We have all seen the commercials for Proactiv. All the celebrities who endorse the products. I admit, I have always wanted to try the products! I am tempted when I see my favorite celebrities promote products.  I am more likely to consider buying something.

I have tried many as seen on TV products. Some were amazing and great and others were a waste of money. Have you tried products you’ve seen advertised on television?

I have not heard any real testimonials about Proactiv, so I am thrilled for the opportunity to share my thoughts.

Proactiv Skincare System

The Proactiv System consists of three easy steps. If you have ever used a skin care system, they tend to have three steps: Cleanser, Toner and Moisturizer.

Here are the Three Steps To Clear Skin:

1. Renewing Cleanser
As with any skin care regime, always cleanse your face. This helps remove dirt, oil and unwanted impurities from your skin. The Renewing Cleanser smells very smooting. The cleanser is also a gentle scrub. I enjoy using the cleanser twice a day as it is like two products in one, a cleanser and scrub.

2. Revitalizing Toner
I apply the toner using a cotton pad. Easy and does not sting my face.

3. Repairing Treatment
The Repairing Treatment moisturizes my face and helps keep my skin clear.

Since I don’t have breakouts as often, I plan on using Proactiv once a day as needed.

Proactiv is gentle and effective on my skin. When I have the occasional breakout, I have Proactiv on my side.

The Proactiv Skincare System is easy to use and has a pleasant scent. I enjoy using the products as they do not sting or cause irritation.

Proactiv fits into my busy lifestyle. While using Proactiv, I continued to use my regular skin care products with no issues.

For more information, visit their website. You can buy Proactiv on Amazon and QVC.


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