The school bus that caught on fire

The school bus that caught on fire


Did you hear the news story about the school bus that caught on fire? When I first saw it on the news, it really scared me because my son rides the bus.

As parents, it is our job to protect our children, guide them and nurture them.

My son rides the bus to and from school. He has Autism and does not talk. He can say words but he would not be able to answer a question. He goes with the flow and very trusting.

Since he has special needs, you would think he would be on a special bus with a helper. Our school district is too cheap and to cut corners, he is on a regular bus with every other child. To keep him “safe,” they use a harness that buckles him in the seat.

Imagine my fear when I saw the news story about the bus that caught on fire. The kids on the bus smelled smoke and notified the driver. She pulled the bus over and told the kids to exit the bus.

I am happy that everyone on the bus escaped safely.

My son is buckled in. Who is going to unbuckle him and make sure he is safe? The bus driver will be too busy keeping the kids calm and making sure they all get off the bus. My son also runs if someone is not watching him and holding his hand. I can only imagine the chaos. My son has run off from us before. When he runs, he just goes and does not pay attention to traffic.

I can only hope my son’s bus stays safe. There is no other adult except the bus driver on the bus.

As a mom to a child with special needs, I am a helicopter parent. Both my husband and I have to be. Our son never leaves our side.


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