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If you are a frequent visitor, reader, fan or follower of my blog, you may be aware that my dear son has Autism.  Special needs is very near and dear to us.  My husband and I live it, every day!  I think that people with special needs are the sweetest people you will ever meet.  They don’t know hate, only love.

When I was in elementary school, I always volunteered to help in the special needs classroom!  I  loved it.  I helped with art projects and anything else the teacher wanted.  I also loved being friends with them.  I even went on field trips with them.  They were always so nice!  I truly loved being around them.

My husband and I were at a stop light and I look over to my right and I see a Dad showing his beautiful daughter how to pump gas.  She looked to be about 12.  I could tell he was explaining and showing her how to do it and he even had her hold the handle for a bit.

I even pointed out what I was witnessing to my husband.

We found this to be a heart warming scene because the daughter has Down Syndrome.  She was so sweet looking.  She looked so proud of herself for helping her Dad pump gas.  I also admire the Dad for being so sweet towards his daughter.

After they were done pumping gas, he gave her a fist bump!

Every time we see things like that, we often wonder what it would be like to show our own son how to do things.  We love showing him new things, however, he is still young and he has so much energy.  Sometimes he just wants to help too much or try to run away.  He thinks it’s funny and a game when he tries to run away from us.  Every time we are out, we have to hold his hand for his safety.


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  1. Laurie Damrose says:

    Thank you for this post!

  2. Dora J Crow says:

    This is very awesome of you, being able to put yourself out there, like this. It always helps others in the same situation, if they are dealing with the same situations. Different folks tend to view Down Syndrome as such a burden on the parent. I myself, do not have children, but managed a hair salon for nearly 30 years and had lots of young men & young ladies brought in that have/had Down Syndrome. My very favorite young lady, was a girl named Anna Slawson (sp-it may be Slauson) I LOVED her! The whole shop loved her! She was so sweet, nice and kind to everyone around her each time she came in, either when she was getting her hair cut & styled, or if she was just waiting for her mama or her aunts. She was always cheerful, always happy. She volunteered to sweep our hair off the floor all the time!! It is hard for me to understand the difference between a Down Syndrome baby/child/adult and a so-called ‘normal’ baby/child/adult. The main difference I see is that the DS child has no guile, no agenda, no sneakiness, underhandedness, and they are not self entitled ingrates who expect everything handed to them on a PLATINUM platter. (silver is no longer relevant these days) Jehovah God has made us all, and we are ALL beautiful in HIS eyes. No matter what society labels us as. Thanks for standing up and sharing this sweet moment with us. There are too few innocent lovely moments these days that we can speak of that make us happy. It is difficult at best to feel joy with all the wars, people shooting up schools, theatres, and malls. It seems so hopeless and dire, then I read something like this, and I feel positve again, hopeful. It is hard to feel optimistic when the world tries to make us hard, cruel and pessimistic and cynical.

    We are strangers here. I do not think I have ever even had a conversation with you yet, as I have with my other bloggers that I frequent. I am Dora J Crow, from Montgomery, Alabama. I am 50 years old, about to turn 51 in August. My mama died in 88, I live w my 83 year old cantankerous grumpy ole daddy, and I have a boyfriend/fiance for the past 22 yrs that I will not marry. I love animals, I have 2 cats at present, 2 dogs, a myriad of chickens & roosters at the boyfriend’s home out in the woods, He lives over an hour away from my daddy’s house. ugh, the driving. I have many health probs, including clinical depression, manic depressive/bi-polar, severe anxiety disorder, A.D.D. along w A.D.H.D. and Dessicated Degenerative Disk disease in my back that causes sciatica in both legs, and herniated disks, and arthritis and blah blah blah, too much to name. Oh, and a hideous skin disease that is not contagious, but hurts a LOT, Hidradentitis Suppurativa. That is pretty much me in a nutshell, (ha-NUTS) I seem to live at Dr offices. I am trying to lose weight, and am getting off blood pressure meds one at a time. Got off another one just yesterday. Started a new vitamin regimen due to vit/min deficiency and new bi-polar meds and am feeling pretty dang good. Enough about me. I need to read your bio. Thanks for all you do. Dora from Montgomery

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