The Flat Belt That Works For Any Outfit

The Flat Belt That Works For Any Outfit

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My last job working in retail, I worked as a cashier at the store that is open 24/7. At the time, a few of my pants were a bit too big on my waist but they were all I could afford. With that, I used to wear a belt to help keep my pants up!

My belt had a big metal buckle and it eventually wore holes in my shirts because I would lean against the counter. Also, the big metal buckle looked so obvious and the belt was thick too.

Looking back, I wish I had the Jelt belt.

Meet the Jelt Belt:

Jelt Belt Upclose

Pictured: Jelt Belt in Sporty Blue and Jelt Belt in Blue

I used to wear skinny jeans when I was working full time at my last job in an office environment. We were able to wear jeans on Fridays, so I wore skinny jeans every so often.

Since becoming a stay at home mom again, I have not worn skinny jeans in about 2 or 3 years.

This year, I bought a few pairs of cute boots that would look perfect with skinny jeans. I rediscovered a jeans brand from the 90s that I had to have! I ended up buying a few pairs of stretchy skinny jeans to add to my wardrobe. My boots and jeans were all on sale, so I couldn’t pass them up!

Since I started wearing my stretchy skinny jeans, I noticed that they would slowly slide down my bottom and not stay on!

I also adore my Whisper Boots and I wear them with skinny jeans.

Jelt Belt Selfie Collage

Since I started wearing Jelt Belt in Blue, my skinny jeans stay on! I also love the inner gel grips to help keep my jeans up. The flat buckle is practically invisible under my tops. The belt is stretchy and the buckle is made of plastic. I love how the buckle hooks together!

Where has Jelt been all my life? Jelt has literally made me feel so comfortable wearing skinny jeans! I no longer worry about my jeans slip down and having a lovely flat buckle! It can be so embarrassing to keep pulling up my pants every few minutes.

The Jelt Belt in Sporty Blue is fun to wear with any outfit!

Now that I have Jelt belts, I look forward to putting on my skinny jeans every day!

Are you a frequent traveler? Guess what? Jelt Belts will not cause issues at security checkpoints (no metal buckles).

You can find Jelt on their website, Twitter and Instagram.


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  1. jennifer Corrado says:

    Very cool belt!

  2. Hannah C says:

    This is a really nice belt!

  3. I’ve never heard of this belt but I really like it! I can use it with a few pairs of pants that I own.

  4. I need one of these belts, very cool, I could wear my skinny jeans.

  5. bethelderton says:

    Very nice! I really like that this will pass through the airport with no hassles.
    Mary Beth Elderton

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