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The Devil’s Bait

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The Devil’s Bait
By Jeffrey J. Mariotte

About the book:

Jessie Dawn Cutler is a relationship banker, a single woman in Manhattan, climbing the rungs of the high-finance ladder on her way to the top.

Morgan Byrd is an aging mercenary soldier, suffering a crisis of conscience as profound as his bank account is low.

When Jessie’s biggest client is revealed as a criminal and a killer – protected from within and outside the bank – she becomes a target. But Jessie is courageous, resourceful, and when she teams up with Morgan, it’s just possible that both of their lives can be saved…

My Review:

The Devil’s Bait is a book that will keep you turning the pages until you reach the end.  The main character, Jessie is on the run to find the truth about one of her clients Richard Steele.  Richard Steele is her biggest client and Jessie works to manage his money.  She witnesses Richard and one of his hired men murder several men with guns in a parking garage.  She realizes Richard is a criminal and takes the information to her boss.  She realizes that people she worked with and trusted are just as guilty as Richard Steele.

When she tries to go home, she notices that her apartment was searched and she also notices men are following her.  She is even pushed from a subway platform.  She tries to report her information to the government, but the person she is to talk to is the guy from the night before.  He was with Richard Steele that night killing those men in the parking garage.  She escapes before he sees her and realizes she must go into hiding.

Through Jessie’s journey of survival, she is forced to rely on herself as the people she thought she could trust was not so.  She turns to the last person, but the only person she can trust, her own sister.  Not only does she bond with her sister, but she gains a niece!  Jessie also hires Morgan, a bodyguard.  Morgan quickly becomes her friend and someone she can trust.  She has her doubts about him at times, but realizes he is there for her.

The entire book was intense.  I felt scared for Jessie because she was forced to hide.  She was on her own.  She had no one to trust.  She had to hide from her life, her job, the government, and everything important to her.  Her bosses, the government, and Richard Steele were all after her, they wanted her dead.  She had to rely on herself to find safety.  This book reminds me that evil does not win.  If you like mystery and suspense, you will enjoy The Devil’s Bait.  This book is full of action and drama too.

The Devil’s Bait can be purchased on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords.

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