The Best Purchase I’ve Ever Made

The Best Purchase I've Ever Made

When we decide to buy something, anything, we do our best to think it through.

Do we need it?

Do we want it?

Will it improve our lives?

Will it be used?

Don’t get me wrong, I do buy on impulse too. Don’t we all? A great example of this would be grocery shopping on an empty stomach!

These past few weeks, I decided to use a few gift cards that I have had for a over a year. I took advantage of the sales on Black Friday. I bought my mom some beauty products that she wanted. I also bought myself some luxury perfume! I had my reasons for using the gift cards. First, I had a gift card taking up room in my wallet and a few on our dresser. I am trying to get rid of clutter here and there.

Aside from my recent purchases, my best purchase I’ve ever made would have to be my Samsung washer and dryer. I bought them soon after we moved into our current place. We finally had washer and dryer hookups and we knew we were going to stay here for awhile. We tried looking at buying used appliances but after going to a few places, we realized we wanted new.

I know it may sound like we are spoiled but it is so convenient to have our own washer and dryer. Our son has special needs. We don’t have time to save our quarters and then take him with us to the laundry mat every few days. I find myself doing laundry at least once a day!

We could have rented a washer and dryer but renting seemed like we would be spending much more in the long run.

In the end, it was a great investment to buy our own set. I can do laundry as often as I need and at any time of the day or night.

What was your best purchase you have ever made?


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