That Time My Husband went to a Brothel

That Time My Husband went to a Brothel

I know what you are probably thinking….

What wife allows her husband to go to a brothel?

Oh, that’s right, Khloe Kardashian does.

Khloe Kardashian forgives her husband for going to a brothel and even calls off their divorce.

When I first read the news that Khloe and Lamar decided to stay together, I didn’t even think of the brothel incident. I thought about their love and their marriage. They always seemed so happy and sincere together. I remember that Lamar and Rob were close like brothers.

I was also reminded of their fragrance they created together called Unbreakable Bond. I wish I had kept their fragrance, instead I gave it to my mom.

Then my thoughts turned to this whole fiasco of the brothel incident, hospital stay, Khloe staying by his hospital bed, etc. It made me wonder if this was all a publicity stunt for more attention and more press. I have a feeling they will turn this into another reality show.

That just crossed my mind.

Khloe and Lamar seemed like the real deal as far as love and marriage. Khloe must really love Lamar to forgive him and take him back after a brothel stay.

That brings me back to my own husband. Yes, he did visit a brothel. This was before he and I even met. We are honest enough with each other that he told me what happened.

He explained that he and a friend were on their way to Las Vegas and decided to stop in. He explained that they were really nervous and really had to work up the nerve to actually walk in. They eventually made their way in and sat down at the bar. They were only in there for a few minutes because it turns out, there were no girls there (they were out).

I am so thankful that nothing happened! And no, I was not upset or mad after he told me the story. I was surprised and nervous before hearing the end of the story.


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