Thanksgiving Holiday

I had the last four days off from work. I can tell that I really needed that little break. It gave me a chance to recharge. I was able to get caught up on life and family.

How was your Thanksgiving? Did you go shopping on Black Friday?

We had a nice Thanksgiving holiday. My mother-in-law made a meal. Since our son was sick, I made myself a plate and ate at home with my son. I wanted my husband to eat with his parents, so he had Thanksgiving dinner with them.

As for shopping, we did not go out to shop. I prefer to shop online. I did my shopping on Thursday morning. I bought clothes for work and comforters for our bed. I also bought some mineral makeup from my own home business. I like stocking up on makeup. I bought new eye shadow colors to add to my collection. Since I started using mineral makeup, I rarely have to buy makeup because it lasts so long.

During my days off, I decided to get serious about my health and fitness. I am back on track with my intense workout program. It is now day four of my workout program and already noticed a difference with the way my work pants fit. They are no longer tight in the waist. I am very pleased with that.

Since I am working out again, I really wanted to buy new workout clothing and shoes but held off for now. I feel like I spent so much already, that workout clothing can wait.

I really enjoyed my time spent with my family. We had a chance to be home together for a change. With me working full time, I feel like I am barely home. It was really nice to slow down for a few days.

Let me know how your holiday went. Tell me what you bought! What stores did you shop at?


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  1. Bianca Lloyd-Gomez says:

    So proud of the workout regime! I hoped to do the same but got side tracked with sleep and yummy food.

  2. I had a quiet holiday, for the most part. I didn’t go out shopping, but did do some online window shopping for gift lists! I make most of my gifts, so am pretty much done for shopping for others. I need fabric and am still looking online but it is best to see what you want in the store, but there is so much more selection online.

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