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I found the following Teeth Whitening article and wanted to share it with you!  Recently, I have been thinking about trying a whitening product for my teeth and even searched online for a homemade recipe to use.  There are so many products out there, you never know which ones will work.  I have used Crest White Strips twice before and they always made my teeth sensitive to hot and cold beverages or foods. 

I have used baking soda to whiten my teeth.  I may have to try that again just because this method fits in my budget. 

Have you ever had your teeth whitened at the dentist?  Have you tried at home teeth whiteners?  If so, which ones?  Did they work? 


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  1. SandbookNet says:

    Hi everyone! Teeth is my topic as I am a dentist. The procedures done at chair side (in the dental office) are the most effective in terms of really reaching significant results without the sensitivity complains (or if there are any, there are really light). Baking soda is among the safest ways to try to do it at home (yourself). However, the effect wouldn't be as noticable as you will wish it is. I would suggest that you try the strips (they really work) and the other gels/pastes/etc for home use. In general, they all contain almost the same ingridients and will do the job well. If you begin to feel any sensitivity in your teeth – stop the procedures! A tip that comes straight to mind is: use fluoride rinses during the treatments (they contain salts that will decrease the chances of sensitivity). While doing the procedures, do not drink RED WINE (red wine, together with coffee and some teas are known to cause external coloration of the teeth). So if you are drinking any of those, you won't get any result from the at home systems that are available on the market. Finally, keep in mind that the color of the teeth is influenced by stains from different origin some of which cannot and will not be changed even with procedures at chair side.

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