DiamondCandles.com Review

Blog Disclosure

I am unable to find the words to describe my overall disappointment of the products I have received from DiamondCandles.com.  I ordered two candles from DiamondCandles.com in the following scents: Lavender Lemon and Apple Slice.  I am a huge fan of soy candles and won’t buy any other candle, except soy candles because of the way they burn.  Soy Candles should burn clean and evenly with no black soot.  Soy Candles from DiamondCandles.com, however, burn like a store bought non-soy candle.  They are burning uneven and they are only hollowing out about an inch all around the wick itself.

I was upset to find that both of my candles had the same exact “$10 ring.”  I tried to get over that with the fact that I have two soy candles that smell amazing.  However, with the way they are burning, I feel I am not getting my monies worth.  They are both burning the same way, hollowing out in the middle, about an inch around the wick.  The entire surface of the candle isn’t even burning evenly like a soy candle should be.  If I wanted a candle to burn like the way my candles are burning, I would have purchased a paraffin wax candle from the store!

When I burned my first candle, I let it burn for over 4 hours and the wax still didn’t burn the entire surface of the candle!  I thought it was just me until I burned my second candle and it did the same thing!  From the way my candles are burning, I can conclude that when the soy flakes were being melted, the temperature was either too hot or not hot enough before pouring them into the containers.  When I attempted to make soy candles, my candles turned out similar to how my DiamondCandles are burning.

While the candles are beautiful and smell amazing, I am unhappy with the way they are burning!

Update: It has now been almost a week and now both candles are barely staying lit!  The flame is so little and sometimes goes out on its own!

Disclosure: I did not receive any financial compensation for this post, nor was I asked to post this.  I did not receive free products/services for this review.  I am posting this review to share my experience.