Make Your Workout a Splash

 Make Your Workout a Splash

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What if I told there was a workout pant that you could wear in the water and on dry land? Would you think I was insane? Or would you want to run out and get yourself a pair? Well, if you’re ready to make your workout a splash, then you’re ready for Vyve’s Splashpant.

Made from compression fabric, the Vyve Splashpant was designed to allow you to bike, run, and swim all in one workout. You can wear them for water aerobics, at waterparks, to the beach, or anywhere where you might get wet. Or if you just want a workout pant that hugs your body without being constrictive.

As a super pale girl, I’m not someone who spends too much time in the sun or in the water, unless I want to become a lobster. And when I do take a dip I like to cover up my thighs so they are protected from the sun and so no one can see my cellulite. Yes, I’m going there. I’m excited to be able to wear these pants over my suit, whether I’m going for a swim or just spending time outside by the pool.

Vyve Splashpants on Dry Land


I also appreciate the diversity of these capris. I’ve used them many times while I workout and have found they don’t interfere with whatever position I contort myself in, or try to at least. I feel like they kind of wick the sweat away and help keep me from getting overheated.

Because the Vyve pants are designed to tightly fit your body and run small, I ordered an XL as recommended by the site. I usually wear a medium or large in workout pants, depending on the fit. I’m glad I went with the larger size, but I did have some issues with the fit. I have a long body and short legs. This means I often have trouble finding pants that fit my body just right. They are usually too long in the legs and too short in the lower torso.

Vyve Splashpants

I had to really work to find the right location on my leg for the pant. If I didn’t line up the Splashpant perfectly with my knees, they would cut the circulation off on my calf. I also found that the pants fit a little too low on my tush and did work themselves down a bit during my workouts.

Again, this is not really a reflection on the pants so much on my weird shaped body. Although I do wish workout brands would offer more fits in their pants and/or tops. We all come in different sizes so it would be nice if curvy girls with short legs and long bodies could find the perfect fit. Regardless, I still plan to rock the Vyve Splashpants in future workouts and in or around the pool this summer.

Vyve Splashpants on Dry Land

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Have you tried Vyve Splashpants? What do you think of this water/land capris?