The Villains of ‘The Hills’

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Did you watch The Hills when it was on MTV?  I didn’t start watching from the very beginning, I may have missed a few of the first episodes.  I loved Lauren and Heidi together.  They had a good life, both going to school and working.  When Heidi met Spencer, I knew he was a bad person and wasn’t a good influence on her.

Near the end of the show, I would cringe when they were on screen.  Of course, they brought on a lot of the drama and ratings for the show.  They also turned their backs on their family because their egos got so big.  As far as I know, Heidi doesn’t speak to or help her mother.  Spencer got along with Heidi’s sister, hopefully that has changed since then.  They were so mean to the people who cared most about them.  When their heads got too big, they started spending money like crazy!  Then today, I just read an article about their regrets.  While on the show, they felt they had to put on a show.  Dress fake, act fake.

I am not sure if I can believe everything they are saying.  Do they really regret spending so much money so quickly?  It makes me wonder who was managing their money?  I can say that it’s sad that they are in the same position as many Americans, living with family.  After all the money they had, they realized they spent it on things rather than on the future.

In a way, I feel this is another publicity stunt of theirs to get back into the limelight somehow.