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Kosterina 100 percent organic olive oil

Beauty Brite DisclosureCooking healthier is something I’ve been trying to implement on an ongoing basis for several years now. Extra virgin olive oil is one thing I’ve been trying to incorporate into recipes in place of vegetable oil and other various types of cooking oils.

Kosterina has this beautifully packaged extra virgin olive oil that I’m currently using in my kitchen. The bottle itself is so beautiful that I haven’t even bothered pouring it into the decorative bottle I usually put olive oils in (that pretty green one in the picture). I’ve just left the original Kosterina bottle on the counter with the other decorative ones that I have there. The clear bottle contains vegetable oil and the shorter one is filled with marsala cooking wine that I use when making Chicken Marsala, a favorite dinner dish in my family…. [read more]