Stay Cozy And Healthy During Winter

Stay Cozy And Healthy During Winter
Beauty Brite Disclosure

Mermaids are all the rage! Women of all ages want a mermaid tail or even create a mermaid makeup look! The last time I was at a Coach outlet store, I saw a handbag that reminded me of mermaid by the color and shimmer! It was so pretty but too expensive!

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Scent-sational Spring Must Haves

Scent-sational Spring Must Haves

Beauty Brite DisclosureSpring always makes me happy. Everything comes out of its Winter funk and comes back to life. Grass, trees, and foliage burst into bloom and surround me with their sweet smells. It makes me want to find ways to bring those wonderous aromas into my home, as well. FragranceNet is the one-stop shop where I’m finding all the beautiful scents that are filling my home this year!

From head to toe and in the air all around your living space, you can bring Spring right inside your home with this selection of items: Northern Lights Candle in Sensual Rose & Hibiscus, AHAVE Mineral Botanic Velvet Cream Wash, COWSHED gorgeous cow blissful shower scrub, and Aura Cacia Geranium Essential Oil…. [read more]

Body Glitter

I just found a body glitter recipe that is really easy to make and wanted to share it. Have fun with this one! Add some glitter and sparkle to your day, evening, or night out!

Body Glitter Recipe

What you need:
3 tablespoons of unmedicated aloe vera gel (can be found next to the hand lotions in discount or drug stores)
1/2 teaspoon very fine glitter, color desired
1 drop essential oil with fragrance desired (optional)
Food coloring (optional)

Add as much glitter to aloe vera gel as you like (you can always experiment).
If you are using food coloring, mix a few drops at a time in with your gel until you get the desired color.
Add essential oil, if desired.
Stir to blend, then store at room temperature in a small, airtight jar or container.
Enjoy the body glitter!
NOTE: Some people are sensitive to essential oils. Test the body glitter on the inside of your arm before applying to face. DO NOT USE NEAR YOUR EYES.