Makeup for Multi-Taskers: A Beautiful Face In One Makeup Kit

Makeup for Multi-Taskers: A Beautiful Face In One Makeup Kit
Beauty Brite Disclosure

I didn’t know much about ULTA Beauty before reviewing this makeup set; I’m usually more of a Sephora person. But, I was still very pleased with this opportunity to try some of ULTA Beauty’s products out for myself (especially in a kit that included makeup for the entire face!) so I approached my review with vim and vigor!

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All-Natural Skin Care For Problematic Skin

All-Natural Skin Care For Problematic Skin - Nubian Heritage Coconut And PapayaBeauty Brite Disclosure

I am in a near-constant struggle with my dry skin. It is most noticeable on my hands, which are regularly exposed to the harsh elements of the dry winter weather as well as household cleaners, among other common skin irritants.

Nubian Heritage offers a line of skincare products that target dry skin and inject a little bit of the tropics into your personal care routine, to boot. I am a beach bum, at heart, so I really love the Coconut and Papaya scents that are used in their dry/chapped skin care line…. [read more]

Five Gym Bag Essentials

Five Gym Bag Essentials-John Frieda-DDF Defense-Aquis-Burts Bees-Josie MaranBeauty Brite Disclosure

You take care of your health by eating right and working out. Take care of your looks, too, with these gym bag essentials that will make it so easy to do just that!

Let’s start at the top. Your hair, of course! It’s one of the very first things that people notice about you, after all. Beautiful, well-cared-for hair is a must to top off the healthy persona that we try to create with all that healthy living…. [read more]