DIY Christmas Stockings For My Kids This Year


DIY Christmas Stockings For My Kids This Year

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I have crocheted for over 20 years. I love it. And I always enjoy sinking my crochet hooks into a new pattern. One of the crochet and knit newsletters I subscribe to is from These Fur Top Holiday Stockings were featured in their recent 12 Weeks of Christmas series that was a part of that newsletter. If you’re into crochet or knit projects, their newsletter is a great place for inspiration and I highly recommend signing up to receive it. They don’t send a million emails. And some of those emails I trash if they don’t contain something I’m interested in. The ones I do keep get filed in an email folder so I can go peruse them easier, at my own leisure.

I’ve wanted to make my kids new Christmas stockings for a long time now, but never came across a pattern that grabbed my attention the way this one did. I love the color scheme, the fur topping (looks hard but is not) and the pretty cabling pattern that is more eye-catching than a simpler stitch.

Initially, I was going to make the color scheme on the left, mostly turquiose with red heel and toe. But, by the time I got to the point of actually starting the project, I’d changed my mind and decided to do the red stocking with turquoise heel & toe. It felt a little more festive. This initial stocking was for my oldest daughter. However, I wanted to do different colors for each of my three kids. So, with the pattern in hand, I headed for Michael’s to see what would grab a hold of me in the yarn aisles.

Red Heart and Caron Simply Soft yarnsThe pattern calls for Red Heart Super Saver yarn for the body, heel and toe sections and Red Heart Boutique Fur for the top. What you see here is all the yarn I bought for three stockings. I substituted the grey and white Caron Simply Soft yarn for one of the stockings, which is a bit smaller in diameter than the Super Saver, so I knew for that stocking I might have to make some adjustments (meaning adding extra rows to the top of the stocking) to make it look more similar in size to those stockings made with the Super Saver, but it was what called out to me for my youngest daughter, so I went with it. Since the skeins were a little smaller, I bought an extra in case I needed more than the one skein to complete the project.

I don’t always love buying extra skeins when I’m not sure I’ll need them, but I never throw the leftover yarn from any project out as it can come in handy for other projects sometimes. So, it won’t get wasted. I’ll do something with it at some point.

So, here was the plan for the stockings:

  • Older daughter: red stocking body, turquiose heel & toe, white fur topping (yarns used-Red Heart Super Saver in colors, Cherry Red and Turqua & Red Heart Boutique Fur in color, Polar)
  • Son: blue stocking body, off-white heel & toe, white fur topping (yarns used-Red Heart Super Saver in colors, Denim and Soft White & Red Heart Boutique Fur in color, Polar)
  • Younger Daughter: variegated shades of grey and off-white stocking body, off-white heel & toe, white fur topping (yarns used-Caron Simply Soft in color, Snow Camo; Red Heart Super Saver in color, Soft White; & Red Heart Boutique Fur in color, Polar)

The fur yarn is not a bright white, it’s like an off-white, so it coordinated well with the Soft White yarn used for the heel and toe of the stockings for my younger kids.

Here are how the color schemes look:

Red Heart yarn

Red Heart yarn

Red Heart and Caron Simply Soft yarnsI really, really loved the grey scheme and would have loved to start with that one. But, I decided to start with the stocking made with the colors and brand of yarn called for in the pattern so I could compare my work-in-progress to the pictures in the pattern to make sure I was coming out with a stocking that looked right. Besides, I needed to complete one of the stockings with the recommended yarn so that when I got to the one using a different brand I could make the necessary adjustments for size. So, here’s me beginning work on the first stocking.

Red Heart Fur Top Holiday Stocking In ProgressSo far, so good! The stocking is worked from the toe up the foot to the heel and then up the leg to the top. When finished with the toe, you fasten off that color yarn, attach the yarn for the foot, fasten off, attach yarn for the heel, fasten off, attach yarn for the leg and then you’re in the home stretch! The fur topping looks really complicated, but it’s just one round of double crochets all the way around the top of the stocking. Since the fur is, well, furry (LOL) you can’t really see what you’re doing with it and it requires some finger touch to make sure you’re getting it done right. But, it’s not too hard once you get the hang of the yarn and it’s only one row, so it’s over pretty quickly.

Red Heart Fur Top Holiday StockingsSo, here they are in all of their beautimous glory! I can’t really say how long they took. I worked on these after dinner while watching TV, but I didn’t work on them every evening. I do have to say that the foot and body are the same three rows over and over so I didn’t have to consult the pattern for every row as I was guided by the row before in terms of where to do the front post and back post double crochets and the cabling. It was the perfect kind of pattern to work on while watching TV because I could look at the crochet and kinda listen to the TV and look up and down between the two with ease.

Finished measurements (as stated in pattern): One stocking measures about 20” (51 cm) long and about 12” (30.5 cm) around leg.

I didn’t measure mine, they looked plenty big to me, though! As I thought, with the grey and white stocking being a different sized yarn, I ended up adding an extra set of the three row pattern repetition to make it taller and more in line with the size of the other stockings. But, even still, I didn’t have to use very much of that second skein of that color, at all. I have darn near the whole skein left!

I enjoyed making these Christmas stockings so much and am pretty bummed that the project is over. However, I’m thinking about making stockings for my nieces and nephews for next Christmas.

Check out the pattern for these beautiful stockings HERE on the Red Heart website. If you crochet, and you decide to give these a try, I’d love to see how yours turn out! You can send pics to me via email at reignbough1973 at yahoo dot com.

Next up, I’m going to be working on cutting this pattern size down in half to make smaller stockings that would be suitable for baby’s first Christmas, gift giving like to your office coworkers, donating to local foster care agencies, etc. I used to work in foster care so I have a particular agency that I used to be employed by in mind for this project for next year. I’d also like to experiment with making soft white stocking bodies and doing some coordinating color for the toe, heel and fur topping because the boutique fur yarn comes in other colors (see below).

Red Heart Boutique Fur yarn

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Red Heart Boutique Fur yarn

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So, there are a gazillion different ways this stocking can be made and it can be customized to everyone’s color preferences. I can’t wait. This is gonna be fun!!!

Connect with Red Heart: Website

Download the free Fur Top Holiday Stockings Pattern: Pattern

Disclaimer: I have no material connection to the brand mentioned in this article. No compensation whatsoever was received in exchange for writing it. I personally, at my own expense, purchased the yarns shown to make stockings for my own children. All opinions expressed are 100% my own.

Mindful Motivation to Get Fit AND Change your Life!

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It Ain’t Your Gramma’s Crochet

yarn1           yarn2

crochet hooks & scissors

Crochet isn’t just for your Gramma anymore; knitting either. These relaxing, fun past times have been consistently gaining in popularity. I didn’t realize how many young people had an interest in crochet or knitting until the last few years as I started following blogs and Facebook pages devoted to the craft. So. Many. People!!! I had lunch this weekend at Panera with my daughters and I saw a very young girl (in her late teens/early 20s) knitting at the next table. Made me wish I’d brought one of my current projects along to work on.

Afghan from Gramma           Pinks Afghan

The two afghans shown above were made for me by my own grandmother. Of course, I have others, but I happened to have pictures of these who on hand when planning this post. My kids, the hubby & our pets all love them. They are great blankets or just to snuggle up to while watching TV, reading, picnicking, etc. One of my fave afghans made by my grandmother is white and about 3 shades of purple. She made it for me when I was 13. She also crocheted a beautiful white baby afghan for my oldest daughter before she was born over 20 years ago.

These are handmade keepsakes that take time (so much time!) to complete. But they are long-lasting treasures that can be passed down through generations in your family. They make great gifts for weddings, birthdays, Christmases, new babies…

DSC05615           Stacy's Baby Afghan - in progress 2014

Lexi's afghan WIP

Shown above are a lavendar & white baby afghan/pillow set I made for a friend’s new baby, a variegated (i.e. multi-colored) afghan in peach/white/yellow/green that I made for my sister’s new baby girl last year, and a striped square afghan I am currently making for my own daughter.

And one is not limited to blankets with crochet or knit projects, either. Check out these other projects I’ve made or are currently working on.

baby hat           Bobbilicious Baby Hat

These are infant hats that I crocheted.

Bunny Blanket Buddy-finished           Bunny Blanket Buddy-WIP

This cute Bunny Blanket Buddy was made for my sister to give as a gift to her friend who was having a baby. Yeah, that one pic was taken in my car. LOL I crochet a lot when I’m sitting in parking lots waiting for my kids to get done with marching band, soccer, or whatever other activity they have going on at the time.

Crochet Doll-head & torso-2012

These odd-looking shapes aren’t odd, at all, when you realize that they are small parts of a greater whole. I was attempting to make a crochet doll for my daughter in 2012 for her 9th birthday. The round ball was the head, the other was the torso. I had completed (and stuffed) both arms and was working on the legs when… well, let’s just say “Life got interesting.” Leap Day, 2012 began as a normal, sunshiny day. And was brutally interrupted when a tornado suddenly formed in my area. It ripped the entire second story of my home completely away and sent a huge tree slamming into my kitchen, missing me be mere seconds as I dashed for the basement. The tornado experience is a whole other post. Needless to say, this doll will forever remain a WIP (Work In Progress) because it was destroyed in the tornado. I didn’t have time to start over as the tornado destroyed our home just a few days before her birthday. The next year after that was a whirlwind — finding a temporary home, dealing with insurance and rebuilding a new home. I never got the doll done.

Peaked Hat--WIP   photo   Potholder WIP   headbands

Here’s a ruffled tote bag I made my daughter for her 11th birthday last year to hold her supplies, for crochet, of course. She wanted to learn how & I was thrilled. I stuffed the bag with colorful yarns, crochet hooks and beginner instructions. She loved it!

Also pictured above are three other current projects. Another hat (adult size) & what will be a spiral potholder when I’m finished; also some headbands I have made for my nieces. Now I’m working on flower appliques to add to the headbands to finish them up.

Yes. You may have noticed more than one unfinished project — what in yarn land we call WIPs (Work in Progress). I crochet like I read, in multiples. I’m always reading more than one book at a time and crocheting more than one item, too. Multi-tasker? Maybe. More like, I get bored easily and need variety! :0)

You can find all sorts of free patterns and basic tutorials online to learn how to crochet or knit. I taught myself how to crochet 22 years ago when I was pregnant with my first child. I wanted to learn to make the beautiful items that my grandmother did. It made me feel closer to her, though she lived far away. She passed away several years ago, making the afghans, potholders, and other items she’s made me over the years all the more precious.

Personally, I love this website –> The Crochet Crowd. It has an expansive library of patterns and tutorial videos. Mikey has 24 free beginner crochet video tutorials that will get you started. You can find them here.

You can buy yarn and crochet or knit supplies many places from Walmart to Michael’s or Hobby Lobby or any number of other craft stores. I’ve been dying to shop at a Hobby Lobby for more years than I can even count. We FINALLY had a Hobby Lobby store open in my area last month. I’m in heaven (and anticipating Mother’s Day next week with bated breath because I’ve dropped several hints about how much I would love a gift card from there)! You can also find yarn items online many places (including eBay, who knew?) One online yarn supplier I would love to try out is Expression Fiber Arts. Chandi, the owner, spins/dyes/sells her own yarn and it is on the more expensive side, but is so TO DIE FOR!!!

Definitely check of these Work In Progress printable cards that can help you keep track of patterns, hook sizes, yarn types etc. for your projects.

I would love to see what’s on your hook these days, if you crochet. If you are interested in learning, what’s stopping you???