You Deserve A Style Makeover

You Deserve A Style Makeover-Chloe + Isabel Jewelry Summer 2017 Collection

Beauty Brite Disclosure

I recall vividly the days when I had a jewelry box full of rings, necklaces, and bracelets. Not expensive pieces, as a matter of fact I’d label the majority of them costume jewelry. But, they were cute and varied to reflect my many moods.

Once I had my first daughter, I quickly learned that these formerly beloved items became tools of torture that she would use against me as she learned hand-eye coordination. That kid grabbed for anything and everything within her reach and yanked it toward her little cherub body to leave no doubt that she was proclaiming the item was “hers.”

Over the years (which brought me two more babies) my jewelry box sat alone and neglected on my dresser the majority of the time. Some of the jewelry tarnished or I just got to the point that I didn’t love some of the pieces anymore. In any case, eventually most of my jewelry got lost, given away or stolen by my daughter for “dress up.”

Now that my kids are too old to care about such things, I’m slowly acquiring new jewelry pieces that reflect my style now. The newest additions are from the Chloe + Isabel Jewelry Summer 2017 Collection…. [read more]