A New Planner For A New Year — Get Organized!

It’s the start of a new year, and all new blog posts for me. So, of course, a new method for planning out and keeping track of blog post items is in order. After dinner out with my husband one evening, we stopped at a Redbox outside one of our local Walgreens stores to pick up a few movies. I needed to buy some sodas and tissues (since our son had a cold, poor guy), so we went inside and wandered around for a while.

While perusing the aisles, I saw this totally beautiful 2016 Blue Sky Planner and it (almost literally) jumped in my cart and begged me to take it home! LOL

Planner in CartI love the plastic layer that protects the floral print on the front cover of the planner. It’s thick and durable, perfect to stand up to the stains my coffee cup will insist on leaving since I will be able to simply wipe them away with a damp cloth…. [read more]