The Ring Bearer


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Morgan has been avoiding his mother’s house so he wouldn’t have to face Big Mike. Big Mike reveals that he is proud of Morgan’s new role in the company. After spending months out at sea, he has realized that Morgan’s mother is the source of his happiness, and reveals his intention to propose. Morgan hires him, and Big Mike entrusts Morgan with the proposal ring until Morgan judges him “worthy of his mother’s love.” How would you have handled this situation? Would you have given Big Mike your blessing?

First, my trust and loyalty is given to anyone and everyone I meet regardless of their past.  Their past does not concern me.  From there, I am able to get to know someone based on their actions and the way they treat people.  If someone is honest with me and treats me as I treat them, they have my friendship.  My husband and I are the same way.  We don’t really have any enemies and we trust very easily.

When Morgan hired Big Mike, he was showing Big Mike that he can trust him and that he approves.  When Big Mike reciprocated and entrusted Morgan with the ring, it was his way of thanking him.  In other words, they agree and they just want Morgan’s mom to be happy.  Morgan and Big Mike care about Morgan’s mom and want to put her happiness first.  I would have done the same as Morgan and given Big Mike my blessing.  I am a very easy going person and only want the best for my loved ones.

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