Help, I Am Growing A Tail

Help, I Am Growing A Tail

Beauty Brite Disclosure

It has been extremely humid in Western New York. We have been averaging around 86-90 degrees humidity which makes for very sweaty, sticky days. I have been blessed with thick, curly hair and given the same to my cutie son, Mac. After watching his little hair grow a small tail in the back I knew it was time to give him a trim!… [read more]

Get The Curly Lashes You Crave

Get The Curly Lashes You Crave - JAPONESQUE Eyelash CurlersBeauty Brite Disclosure

Everyone has their favorite sleep position. Personally, I tend to sleep most often on my right side with my stomach to the mattress and the right side of my face smashed against the pillow. As a result, sometimes the upper eyelashes of my right eye don’t want to extend out to their fullest length. They can appear smashed or curled into the outer corner of my eye.

Sometimes I can coax them out with my mascara wand. But, other times not. Somehow, I don’t even know how long ago, my eyelash curler went missing. Just gone. But, JAPONESQUE® has come to the rescue with three neat curlers that I can stash literally everywhere!… [read more]